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Eye of the Colossus: A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure by Nicole Grotepas

Eye of the Colossus: 
A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure

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Written by: Nicole Grotepas
Print Length: 273 pages
Publication Date: April 19, 2018
Some think the City of Jade Spires is a utopia. It very much isn’t. Holly Drake is in prison for defending herself from a murderer. That’s the kind of corruption thriving in the city where evidence is destroyed and the innocent go to jail.

But everything’s about to change. Someone exonerates Holly and she walks free. She has no idea who. Or why. But they have a job for her. Steal back the Eye of the Colossus, a priceless jewel. It’s about to be moved off-planet, and when that happens, the trail will go cold.

Out of prison with no other work on the horizon, the job is a gift. If only she knew how to pull off a heist. The clock is ticking. If she can assemble a team and pretend like she knows how to do this, maybe she can fake it long enough to do a job better suited to a master-thief. Why Holly? Who’s pulling her strings? And just how far across the moon system will she have to go to finish the job?

This is Holly Drake. Someone tried to kill her once. She survived. This time, she’ll conquer or die trying.

The Eye of the Colossus features a snarky, strong, bad ass heroine on her way from the bottom of her game to the top.

If you don't like seeing a woman experience self-doubt, overcome obstacles, and then dominate, this book is not for you.

Love strong female leads, an entertaining cast of characters, and adventure? Then grab your copy today!

Only 99 cents for a limited time!

A Holly Drake Job series: Book 1: Eye of the Colossus Book 2: Hands of the Colossus
Eye of the Colossus: A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure (A Holly Drake Job Book 1)Eye of the Colossus: A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure by Nicole Grotepas

I appreciate the imagination, creativity and originality of Eye of the Colossus. The background/world development is strong. BUT, there was a lot of character dialog verbal and internal, creating a reader disconnect. I can admit part of it was the third person narrative, a lot of she said, and he said, and part of it was conflicting statements made within minutes of each other. The vacillation in the characters thoughts, actions and comments just kept me from loving it.

Teacher to wrongfully imprisoned inmate to hired thief to vigilante justice seeker, Holly Drake is definitely reinventing herself.

I received this ARC copy of Eye of the Colosus from Nicole Grotepas. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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