Friday, April 6, 2018

Hemlock by Jesse Teller (The Manhunters, #2)

by Jesse Teller

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Manhunters - Book 2
Publication Date: April 15, 2018
Publisher: Jesse Teller
Genre: Dark Fantasy | Scifi
Print Length: 361 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The busiest pirate bay in Perilisc is newly infested with vampires. These monsters will soon overrun the world, but the Manhunters must try to stop them in secret. Agents of the king are hunting Rayph's vigilante crew. With one false step, they could all end up at a royal execution.
Hemlock by Jesse Teller (The Manhunters, #2)

Hemlock (The Manhunters, #2)Return to author Jesse Teller’s world of fantasy, Perilisc and prepare to become part of an uphill battle to save humanity from the clutches of slavery and the fangs of vampires that are quickly laying a path of death and destruction with no one the wiser. One man will lead the fight, but first he must survive his enemies, his inner demons and face truths he has kept buried deep.

Magic abounds, battles are fierce and unlikely allies must band together against one of the most powerful and diabolical villains ever created. Even as Rayph and his group run from the clutches of the king’s guards, he must find a way to bring Tristan down, to end his undead life and his brutal reign over humanity. But first he needs help and to be believed and to believe in himself. Will he be clever enough to outwit the creatures of death in the shadows? Can he risk the lives of those he has come to love in order to use their strengths and their magic as each is pushed beyond their limits?

As in every well-told epic fantasy, there are stories within stories, unlikely, yet powerful heroes and paths will cross in unexpected ways. The turmoil from within will be caustic, but how can victory be won without soul-searching and determination?

Jesse Teller has created a world where trust is hard-won, humanity is easy fodder and one port will unknowingly be on the precipice of becoming the beginning of the end for the land. Witness pirates ally with heroes, heroes molded out of brash bravery and nerves of steel forged through moments of impending doom. Heroes will die, and we feel the pain of their loss as Rayph and his band of trusted friends and warriors attempt the impossible against all odds.

Mr. Teller gives us moral dilemmas, fierce and bloody battles, characters that come alive and the power of the magic of words to take us into another place, another time and another reality. Action, adventure, conflict upon conflict and larger-than-life beings make this another fabulous read that is pure reading bliss for everyone!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Jesse Teller.

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