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Jack Frost: Detective Jack Stratton Mystery Thriller Series by Christopher Greyson

Jack Frost
Detective Jack Stratton Mystery Thriller Series
by Christopher Greyson

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Jack Stratton Mystery Thriller
Publisher: Greyson Media (April 19, 2018)
Publication Date: April 19, 2018
Genre: Mystery | Thriller
Print Length: 326 pages
Available from: Amazon
Jack and Alice have a new assignment: to investigate the suspicious death of a soundman on the hit TV show Planet Survival. While Alice researches the incident from home in Darrington, Jack goes undercover as a security agent where the show is filming on nearby Mount Minuit. Soon trapped on the treacherous peak by a blizzard the media are calling the "Two-Headed Beast," the mysterious killer continues to stalk the cast and crew of Planet Survival. As the temperature falls, the body count begins to rise and what started out as a game is now a deadly competition for survival. Only one thing is clear...Jack is back and winter is going to be white hot.

Jack Frost by Christopher Greyson

Jack Frost: Detective Jack Stratton Mystery Thriller SeriesThe bigger the danger, the greater the odds, the more blistering the drama, reality shows are big money, but when a suspicious death occurs on the snow-covered Mount Minuit, Jack Stratton and his fiancé and partner, Alice are called in to investigate what really happened. Was the death a freak accident, or was it murder? While Jack goes undercover as a member of the film crew, Alice is left grounded working behind the scenes from the comfort of their warm and dry apartment.

Meanwhile, Alice calls on a beautiful, yet deadly mercenary friend to uncover what really happened the day her parents were killed in a hit-and-run accident. Is accident the wrong word? Were their deaths intentional? Why?

As bad luck or planned disasters plague the shooting of Planet Survival, Jack will find himself with caught up in a deadly game of survival, himself as Alice gets one step closer to the identity of the monster who killed her family.

JACK FROST by Christopher Greyson is a mystery lover’s delight. With more twists and plot turns than an Olympic ski trail, this easy-reading, action-packed tale will keep readers guessing at what will happen next! Brilliant characters, many that are completely unlikable will each look guilty at one point or another and who can be trusted will change with the weather.

As Alice enlists the neighbor lady to help with show details, Kiku uses her special talents to unearth the answers Alice seeks.

Christopher Greyson’s style is easy to read, easy to get lost in and easy to believe as we go behind the scenes for a reality check on “reality entertainment.” Will I be reading more about Jack and Alice? No mystery there, the answer is yes!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Greyson Media!

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