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Kollizion, The Hidden Skylistric by Gail Parker (Hidden12 Saga #3)

Kollizion, The Hidden Skylistric
by Gail Parker

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Hidden12Saga - Book 3
Publication Date: November 19, 2016
Publisher: Gail Parker
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 359 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The clock is ticking in this intense nonstop thriller, as Haven Silktin is betrayed by her own, and turns rogue, using her ingenious mind to outwit and escape the clutches of an undaunting director.

The Hidden12Saga unfolds with yet another thrilling challenge for our heroine, Haven Silktin.
Haven’s continual fight for survival seems insurmountable as she defies her father, Ben Callensworth, and his explicit orders to return to the Sector, where, unknown to Ben, certain death awaits her and her mother, Kristyn Silktin.
Haven jumps ship and turns rogue, while using her gifts to outsmart the world’s elite intelligence groups.
After discovering a hidden room in Kristyn’s New York apartment, filled with cutting edge technology, Haven dares to venture out into the open, questioning if her beloved guardian is still alive.
Haven’s disappearance causes her parents’ capture by a sinister director, hell-bent on forcing them to track down and destroy their daughter.
The intense chase by military and other private forces are hot on her heels in a non-stop effort to capture their most elusive target. With a divided Sector board devouring each other, Ben’s plans are enlightened (exposed), and a revolt is in the making as their epic worlds collide.
With strange happenings, is Joey still alive? 
Kollizion, The Hidden Skylistric by Gail Parker
(Hidden12 Saga #3)

Kollizion, The Hidden Skylistric (Hidden12Saga #3)Gail Parker hits the ground running with KOLLIZION and Haven is trapped between a rock and hard place as she is betrayed by someone she should never have to worry about and is forced to go rogue to save both herself and those she loves. A designer baby, born the most intelligent, most unique human ever, Haven is now the object of a deadly manhunt as the answer to controlling her is to destroy her or worse, capture and use her. As she pits herself and her team against the world’s greatest intelligence agencies, Haven will find that being her is more curse than blessing. Even her twins must be hidden or used as pawns to bring her in.

She has lost Joey, her protector and best friend while she still must field the macho games between Habib and Hank. But Haven has also found a secret room, filled with the wonders of technology created by her mother, Kristyn. Did she know Haven would have nowhere to turn one day?

The Sector is hot on her tail, but even they couldn’t know how formidable Haven can be…or how devious…Haven is about to school the teachers in determination and sheer grit…but even Haven wasn’t prepared for the return of her greatest ally…

Definitely non-stop action! Definitely filled with hard-hitting revelations! Gail Parker has hit new heights with this addition to the Hidden12Saga! A terrific cast of characters add a sense of reality to this science fiction thriller and even Haven seems to gain some emotional maturity.

Edge-of-your-seat reading with incredible twists and high-velocity tension as one woman stands against an elite government agency out of control, in chaos and on a path of self-destruction.

I received a complimentary copy from Gail Parker!

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