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Moon-Riders by Tracy Tappan (The Community Series, #4)

by Tracy Tappan

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Community Series - Book 4
Publisher: B. Reed Publishing (April 16, 2018)
Publication Date: April 16, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Vampires
Print Length: 349 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Will the community of Ţărână finally know peace? Now that both factions of the town’s Om Rău enemies are behaving, it seems possible. An unusual quiet blankets the Vârcolac people, although for the warriors it’s an uneasy quiet, teeming with potential danger. 

Recently promoted to the Special Operations Topside Team, quiet warrior Breen Dalakis is the least likely man to commit an unauthorized bite. But in a moment of blinding bloodlust, he bites and bonds with a new Dragon woman, permanently tying himself to a stranger. Now he has to find a way to break through her seething rejection, but a lifetime spent skirting his emotions has left him blank. 

Wild girl Charlize Renault was a willing participant in the romp with Breen, but she had no idea what letting him bite her truly meant. Now she’s stuck with a man she doesn’t want. Have sex with him? Sure. Be bonded forever to the guy? Shudder to think. She’s never been in a long-term relationship, doesn’t plan to start now, and there’s a good reason for that—a deeply buried secret reason she has every intention of keeping locked away inside her. Forever. 

In the midst of these personal struggles, the community learns of another Dragon abduction plot. The warriors spring into action, never imagining they’ll confront an enemy far more ruthless than the Om Rău…whose scheme has nothing to do with kidnapping women. The enemy’s target is one member of the Spec Ops Team. Chained, tortured, and at the mercy of this new faction, Breen is forced to be a part of an appalling cruelty, and only after surviving this horror will he begin to face the changes he needs to make to win Charlize. 
Moon-Riders by Tracy Tappan (The Community Series, #4)

Moon-Riders (The Community Series Book 4)Are you one of those readers who laughs out loud, yells, and pretty much forgets that you are not living alongside the characters? Are you prone to talking to the pages? I admit it, I do, and with Tracy Tappan behind the pen, I was a babbling fool! Hang on to your shorts, Tracy Tappan has made humor, hormones and “didn’t see that coming” synonymous with fabulous writing!

Page one opens full throttle and The Community Series is back with Tracy Tappan’s signature tsunami of wit, raw in-your-face writing and characters you don’t know quite what to do with! Like the tennis match of the century, MOON-RIDERS brings a whole new meaning to the term “Love” as two people become the victims of Fate and an Unauthorized Bite.

Breen is a warrior, quiet but deadly and like all Varcolac males, a virgin until one whiff of Charlize sends him into a lust-filled frenzy and he is out of control. Charlize is a free spirit, a party girl, and her sexual conquests are near legendary. So really, when the hot guy in the workout room is looking for some action, why would she say no? In a case of major miscommunication and an Unauthorized Bite, Breen has a partial mate bond and Charlize has a rampant case of denial. Clueless about women, Breen is no match for Charlize’s deep freeze or how to win her heart.

When danger threatens, the warriors respond, but have they fallen into a deadly trap? Will near death knock some sense into Breen and Charlize both?

Every author has their own style and Tracy Tappan’s is a force to be reckoned with! Her razor sharp timing and fabulous plot twists make for riveting reading that NEVER fails to keep me hoping for just one more page long after I have devoured the entire book. Ms. Tappan isn’t afraid to make her characters unlikable, her scenes cringe-worthy, the romance passionate or to force her readers to sit on the edge of their seats, afraid to move for fear of missing a single, priceless line!

You want fresh, you want hot, you want turmoil of the heart with a chaser of the Fates having a field day? You NEED to read The Community Series!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Tracy Tappan!

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