Friday, April 6, 2018

Purgatorium by J.H. Carnathan

by J.H. Carnathan

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 9, 2017
Publisher: J.H. Carnathan
Genre: Supernatural | Suspense
Print Length: 450 pages
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When his watch resets to zero, his morning starts again. Everyday his time always ends right at 60 Minutes, giving him only 5 minutes to stay at one particular place in his normal routine. The empty streets and familiar places are strange facsimiles of his previous life. He keeps reliving these same events over and over, barely able to remember anything and unable to maintain mental order as he stumbles through a strange existence. He soon learns that his physical body is in a coma and his consciousness is currently in a purgatory-like realm. As his body lies in a coma, his mind has been living a lavish lifestyle at a price: his sinful memories and his autonomy. After finding out his life support is coming to an end he must now run the last race for his life to decide if he is a "soul survivor" ready for a second chance at life or a lost soul willing to give it all up. He needs to outrun reapers, outthink the clock, and chase down his inner demons if he is ever going to get free. The race is on, and if he is going to survive, he'll have to confront the world he's always been so desperate to escape from.
Purgatorium by J. H. Carnathan

PurgatoriumAre you a fan of those crazy puzzles with a thousand pieces, perhaps of some abstract picture where the colors all swirl together? From the beginning, piecing each part together is a complete challenge and finishing it is almost sad, because it was that engaging.

PURGATORIUM by J.H. Carnathan is like “that” puzzle. From the beginning, we are thrust into the world of the unknown, the world of “what if,” and by the end, we are thinking, “why not?” There is no predicting what will happen, it is chaotic, rapid-fire science fiction/fantasy that never lets up.

This tale is told within the realm between life and death as one man lay in a coma, trapped in his mind and unresponsive to the outside world. The Clock is ticking, will he die soon? Will the “plug” be pulled on his life? Cut off from the outside world, no way to let anyone know he is in there, one man will race through his life, the good, the bad and the ugly and he will be challenged by demons, angels and aided by unlikely allies as he discovers more about himself and the evil of his ways. He will be forced to face the things he did that were just plain wrong, the pain he inflicted on others, the missed golden opportunities to embrace what is important in life for the self-gratifying, ego-feeding and selfish. If he doesn’t learn the path he should take or own his mistakes, he will never leave this realm, and he will die in that hospital bed.

Simply fascinating, nerve-wracking and thought-provoking, this tale is one of those that lunges out at you and engulfs you in all of its twists, turns and challenges. Unpredictable, like a maze with ever-changing walls, one man will have to outthink, outlast and outwit every being he comes in contact with, many like chameleons, none who they seem to be. Can he decipher who is friend and who is foe? As the clock runs down on his life, will he die for his blindness to his sins or will he be given a new lease on a life only he can make meaningful and positive?

From the first chaotic page to the very last, this razor-taut read is mesmerizing! The attention to detail by J. H. Carnathan is incredibly genius as no straight line is drawn and every action is linked to a myriad of possible reactions and consequences. Think Rubik’s Cube with words. Every nerve in my body was on edge in a very good way!

I received a complimentary copy from J. H. Carnathan!

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