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Room 42 by D.K. Cassidy

Room 42
by D.K. Cassidy

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Pluvio Press (January 11, 2016)
Publication Date: January 11, 2016
Genre: Futuristic Dystopian
Print Length: 18 pages
Available from: Amazon
In a future where humans can no longer die naturally, Dr. Vivian Toujours is fueled by a desire to return a sense of normalcy to the world. The breakthrough she strives to perfect is the hope of a weary, timeworn humanity, but her motivation is much more personal – namely, the occupant of Room 42.
Room 42 by D.K. Cassidy

Room 42To live for eternity, would it be a blessing or a Trojan Horse? In a future where everlasting life has become a reality, one scientist struggles to create a “Cure,” to bring balance to humanity, to give those tired of living or trapped in the confines of a ravaged body an alternative, a painless death with dignity.

The “event” that brought about immortality froze humanity’s timeline and for many, it was a sentence to endure an eternal hell. The perfect example lay behind the door of ROOM 42.
D.K. Cassidy has taken only a few pages to give life to the often heart wrenching dilemma and she does so without judgement. She allows us to witness the lengths that love will go to shine through in its purest sense. I found myself asking, should we live forever? What are consequences that could/would be faced?

A bold and thought-provoking read that may take only minutes to read, but opens the doors for hours of contemplation!

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