Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sparks Fly by Nicole Douglas

Sparks Fly
by Nicole Douglas

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 11, 2018
Publisher: Nicole Douglas
Genre: Romantic Erotica | NA
Print Length: 195 pages
Available from: Amazon
Max Davis wasn’t looking to find a girl like Lacey Griffin when he was driving down a dark deserted road. The little damsel in distress grabbed his attention by the balls and wouldn’t let go. He didn’t come from the best background, had partaken in plenty of shady dealings in the twenty-one years of his life. But seeing her wandering around town alone and scared stirred his protective instincts that up until that moment had been dormant.

After her last relationship ends with her fleeing into the night, Lacey sure as hell isn’t looking for male attention. Especially not from one as mysterious as Max. Sparks ignite almost instantly and judgment, along with good old self preservation, evaporate into thin air as the two get swept up in a whirl of passion and tangled sheets.

What happens when a reformed bad boy trying to put his past behind him and forget his family’s dark legacy meets a sweet girl trying to escape a real life nightmare and cope with the curve ball life threw at her?
Sparks Fly by Nicole Douglas

Sparks FlyGrit, brutal violence, gut-wrenching emotional pain and two hearts divided by the monsters that haunt their minds, SPARKS FLY by Nicole Douglas is a romance with jagged edges. It’s emotionally raw, but through it all, there is a romance whose sparks become a raging inferno of earthy, yet genuine passions.

Max is no hero, but he became one the night he found Lacey, broken and terrified and alone. There was something about her vulnerability that brought out his protective instincts and dared his heart to feel.

Lacey is lightness to Max’s darkness. She is sweet, but she has been betrayed and violated by a man she once thought she loved. There was no way she wanted another man near her, no way she could trust this stranger who seemed to understand what she needed and asked for nothing in return. Little did she know the side of Max who carried a gun as part of the family business, but Max knew and the kindest thing he could do would be to disappear before he tainted her goodness. But sometimes the heart knows what it wants and nothing can stop two souls whose destinies lay in each other’s arms.

Smoldering passions explode as Nicole Douglas spares nothing to bring the intensity of this tale to life. Leave your blush at the door, but not your rage. Ms. Douglas’s bold writing is graphic and intense, definitely not for the faint of heart. It sex is scorching, the violence is repellant and the villains are vile, but the writing is fabulous as we feel the emotions of each scene, each page and each word. Dark, edgy and magnetic, a second chance at life, love and even redemption. Pass the ice water, please...

I received an ARC edition from Nicole Douglas!

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