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Tempting Adam by Lyn Horner (Romancing the Guardians, #7)

Tempting Adam 
by Lyn Horner

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Romancing the Guardians - Book 7
Publisher: Lyn Horner (March 4, 2018)
Publication Date: March 4, 2018
Genre: Action | Romance
Print Length: 136 pages
Available from: Amazon
He walked away from her once meaning to protect her and broke her heart. 
Can she forgive him and overcome his stubborn resistance to love? 

Guardian of Danu, Adam Dvorak has the power to make plants grow with a mere touch, but will he allow love to grow? An agronomist teaching better farming methods in a semi-desert region of northern Kenya, he has an accident and ends up in the local hospital where, to his shock, his former love Ellie Graham is a nurse. He’d never expected to see her again. 

Ellie is equally shocked to see him. How could fate be so cruel, putting her in Adam’s path again? Her bruised heart tells her to avoid him, but circumstances dictate otherwise, and their mutual attraction soon flares to life. Will the temptation to accept Ellie as his mate conquer Adam’s fear for her? The High Guardian’s arrival and the pernicious Hellhounds may force him into a difficult decision as this saga builds toward a climax in the eighth and final book, A Might Chieftain. 

Tempting Adam by Lyn Horner
(Romancing the Guardians, #7)

Tempting Adam: Romancing the Guardians, Book SevenIt’s time. The seventh Guardian must join the rest at their secret meeting place, ancient scroll in hand. Adam Dvorak has been waiting and knowing this summons could come at any time, he gave up the love of his life to protect her from danger. With the power to grow plants, he has dedicated his life to helping farmers in under developed countries. An accident in Kenya sends Adam to the nearest “hospital” and face to face with his former lover, Ellie Graham.

Ellie was shattered when Adam walked out but the sight of him sends her heart reeling and her defenses on full alert. Could this chance meeting be part of Fate’s plan for them both or is it just another pitfall of life? Adam can only be strengthened by claiming his true mate, but can he be that selfish? Would she be safer in his arms and the protective fold of the Guardians? The Hellhounds are coming and time is running out.

Lyn Horner is back with the latest addition to the Romancing the Guardians series, TEMPTING ADAM a second chance love story in a dangerous world where all Hell could break loose as the clock ticks down for the Guardians to fulfill their destiny. I found myself caught up in the emotional turmoil of two people who both want and need each other, making putting this book down impossible!

Ms. Horner has taken us to the blistering and arid lands of Kenya where we can feel the dust that grits across sweaty skin. Both Ellie’s and Adam’s dedication to do good in the world paints a picture of two souls with so much to give, yet hurting for that one special love that is missing. Feel the tension as evil comes blazing in, and get lost in the world of the Guardians one more time. From the first book to now, these romantic and suspenseful tales are peppered with the paranormal, a feeling of impending doom hiding in the shadows and the faith, determination and dedication of a small group of individuals tasked with saving the world with the strength of those they love. Easily another 5 Star read for me from Lyn Horner!

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