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The Boy from Tomorrow by Camille DeAngelis

The Boy from Tomorrow
by Camille DeAngelis

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Amberjack Publishing (May 6, 2018)
Publication Date: May 6, 2018
Genre: Middlegrade/YA Fantasy
Print Length: 268 Pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Josie and Alec both live at 444 Sparrow Street. They sleep in the same room, but they’ve never laid eyes on each other. They are twelve years old but a hundred years apart.

The children meet through a handpainted spirit board—Josie in 1915, Alec in 2015—and form a friendship across the century that separates them. But a chain of events leave Josie and her little sister Cass trapped in the house and afraid for their safety, and Alec must find out what’s going to happen to them. Can he help them change their future when it’s already past?

The Boy from Tomorrow is a tribute to classic English fantasy novels like Tom’s Midnight Garden and A Traveller in Time. Through their impossible friendship, Alec and Josie learn that life can offer only what they ask of it.

The Boy from Tomorrow by Camille DeAngelis

The Boy from TomorrowThe magic of possibilities, the mystery of an old home with stories to tell. A young girl who was twelve years old in 1915 and a twelve year old boy in 2015 share their stories through time and form a friendship that will forever change them both.

Josie and Alec were born a century apart, but the house at 444 Sparrow Street would help them transcend time to form a bond that would teach them both about life, grasping at what you want and taking a chance on believing in the unbelievable. It all started with a magic spirit board, found by Alec in the old house he had just moved into. That board would connect him to Josie and the opportunity to change her life for the better, even at the risk of them never connecting again.

THE BOY FROM TOMORROW by Camille DeAngelis is a beautiful opportunity for young readers to feel the magic that words create as they are transported to another time and place. Simple and warm, this tale gives young readers a chance to exercise their limitless imaginations as they witness a budding friendship between two children who should never have met.

What a marvelous opportunity to fall in love with books and reading! Camille DeAngelis’s tale is one that is ageless as we witness the helplessness of children caught up in abuse who are aided by a boy determined to help them, even if their future is his past. In a world of technology, it is refreshing to watch a young boy use old-fashioned detective work and the resources of a library to uncover the fate of the girls he met through time and possibly the magic of a child’s favorite doll.

With an ending that is almost bittersweet, we see the chance for a new beginning for both Josie and Alec, even a century apart in time! Can we ever give our children enough magic to feed their imaginations or enough opportunities to witness and trust in innocent kindnesses?

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Amberjack Publishing!

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