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The Cyprus Papers by C.W. Bordener

The Cyprus Papers
by C.W. Bordener

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: November 10, 2017
Publisher: C.W. Bordener
Genre: Thriller | Suspense
Print Length: 379 pages
Available from: Amazon
Emily, a consultant specializing in financial forensics, discovers an unspeakable plot of ambition and greed. Her investigation uncovers a paper trail of obscure evidence that her client, a congressman and hopeful presidential candidate, is part of a corrupt consortium of individuals with links to international tax havens.
As she learns more about her client and the consortium, a deadly cover-up quickly reaches her colleagues and inner circle of friends. Unsure of whom to trust and where to go, Emily is forced into hiding. 
With her life in the balance, she searches for the internal fortitude to battle and expose the consortium. Hindering her investigation is a ruthless assassin with his sights trained directly on her. While the people around her continue to perish, Emily stands up for what she believes is right, trying to preserve her moral compass amidst the chaos.
The Cyprus Papers by C.W. Bordener

The Cyprus PapersIt’s her job to dig deep and find the answers, no matter what they reveal. Emily has an analytical mind, but as a forensic financial consultant, her excitement usually comes at the end of a spreadsheet. This time out, when Emily is tasked with investigating the finances of a charming Congressman with eyes on the White House, she finds herself caught up in a deadly conspiracy, unsure who she can trust. Armed with incriminating evidence and a handful of people she can trust, her life is on the line in this rapid-fire read by C.W. Bordener.

THE CYPRUS PAPERS proves that one woman on a mission, with a keen mind and a whole lot of luck is more than a match for financial powerhouses with a lot to hide and that money just may be the root of all kinds of evil.

Let go of reality, because yes, Emily is like a fish out of water, but she is also a brilliantly quick study when it comes to saving her own bacon while exposing some very dark truths. C.W. Bordener has created a tale and an unwitting heroine who has a wry sense of humor and a desperate need to survive. I can’t say I always liked her, she could be abrasive one minute and almost too timid the next, but who can’t? Interesting relationships, an assassin on a mission and one hard-to-stop woman-on-a-mission who seemed to have more than nine lives.

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