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The Helm of Darkness by A.P. Mobley (War on the Gods, #1)

The Helm of Darkness
by A.P. Mobley

My rating: 5 stars

Series: War on the Gods - Book 1
Publisher: Sea of Ink Press ; 1 edition (June 3, 2018)
Publication Date: June 3, 2018
Genre: YA Fantasy | Mythology
Number of Pages: 268
Available from: Amazon
Andy and Zoey are two normal teenagers living in the modern day—that is, until they’re knocked unconscious in a freak storm sweeping the United States. 

When they wake up, the world they know has been tossed away. Their city is in ruins, strange creatures walk the earth, and worst of all, everyone is gone. They stumble across Diana and Spencer, two kids around their age who possess incredible magical abilities, and who claim to be the demigod children of Greek gods. Not only that, they also claim the year is 500 AS, five hundred years after the gods conjured a massive storm that destroyed most of humanity and helped them take the world as their own once again. 

Andy and Zoey are soon handed an impossible task: To save humanity. To lead a war on the gods. 

They’ll have to battle monsters, death, and their own inner demons to survive and to protect the people they love.
The Helm of Darkness by A.P. Mobley (War on the Gods, #1)

The Helm of Darkness (War on the Gods, #1)Being released just in time for summer vacation, A.P. Mobley’s THE HELM OF DARKNESS is “fantasy” enough to enthrall young adult readers as the power and determination of youth is tested to the limits in a world decimated in the blink of an eye.

One minute it was a normal day for Andy and Zoey, the next, the sky was raining deadly swords and all that they knew, everyone they loved was dead. Then, in the blink of an eye, they are thrust five hundred years into the future, caught up in a world where Greek gods are real and they are the last chance that humanity has to survive.

With unlikely allies by their side, they will be tasked with entering the bowels of Hades to retrieve THE HELM OF DARKNESS in the first step to taking back the world.

A.P. Mobley has created a world of fantasy, a world of danger and the unknown where monsters are real, demigods walk the earth and the gods are caught up in their own quests for power and control. Feel what Andy and Zoey feel, see the world through their eyes and be part of a great adventure that is spellbinding! These characters are not superheroes, they are kids caught up in a war not of their making, but, in the invincible spirit of youth, through their doubts and fears, they undertake the impossible in the name of humanity!

Fabulous reading! Incredible world-building! Characters that come to life! Tons of twists, lots of action! A great escape into the world of reading and imagination!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from A.P. Mobley!

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