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The Illumination Query by Sarah Baethge

The Illumination Query
by Sarah Baethge

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Speed of Darkness - Book 1
Publisher: Sarah Baethge
Page Count: 118 pages
A surreal romp about a dissatisfied zookeeper’s endeavor to contemplate his toxic new allies as they create an terrible situation for his unintended enemy to grapple with.

What makes someone a monster? 

The zookeeper Ronald Carpenter needs help recovering his escaped charges and is grateful when the secretive Eclipse company steps in to help. Little does Ronald know just how nefarious a company they really are and why they have such expertise in taking unwilling subjects captive. Can their offer of a higher salary make him leave a job he loves and help them do what he feels is just wrong?

Nigel Hunter’s experiment in an Eclipse lab looks like it could enable incredible movement powers. Intrigued with the prospect, he voluntarily gets the company’s help to try the procedure upon himself. The Eclipse now decide to take him prisoner with their other test subjects so that they can test the unbelievable speed it has given him more fully. 

When the Eclipse pits Ronald and Nigel against one another in this way, can either one of them manage to get away? 
The Illumination Query by Sarah Baethge

The Illumination Query (The Speed of Darkness #1)What started as a mutual professional aid situation becomes a living nightmare for one zookeeper who discovers that if an offer is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Sarah Baethge’s THE ILLUMINATION QUERY is a chaotic journey told through the eyes and voice of dedicated, yet underappreciated zookeeper, Ronald Carpenter is like watching an impending train wreck and you have no way to stop it.

When Ronald’s zoo had an escaping bat problem, he is offered assistance from the Eclipse Company, of course, they will want his “expertise” in return. Sounds simple, but little did Ronald know, not everyone operates with full disclosure until they have him hooked with the offer of a more glamorous position and higher salary. But he'll still be working with animals, right? Or will he find himself trapped among the monsters of fairytales and fantasy?

Sarah Baethge gives Ronald’s voice that of a man with honor, one who loves what he does, but feels underappreciated. He is na├»ve, too trusting and falls into a carefully laid trap as the true darkness of the Eclipse Company is revealed. Dark, edgy and sinister, we feel what Ronald feels and see what Ronald sees, but unlike Ronald, we can escape! A quick read with some surprising developments, especially for Ronald!

I received a complimentary copy from Sarah Baethge!

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