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The Silver Six by C.A. Gray (Uncanny Valley, #2)

The Silver Six
Uncanny Valley, Book 2
by C.A. Gray

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Uncanny Valley - Book 2
Publisher: Wanderlust Publishing (May 15, 2018)
Publication Date: May 15, 2018
Genre: YA Dystopian | Scifi
Print Length: 413 pages
Available from: Amazon
What is it that makes us truly human?

Rebecca Cordeaux’s entire world has been turned upside down. In a single day, she’s learned that Senate Leader Halpert and his Board of Advisors are actually illegal humanoid robots created underground twenty years ago—and they tried to have her killed. Her mother Karen, whom she always believed to be passionately against the cause of the Renegades, turns out to be their leader. And Liam, a man she never thought she cared for, is now fighting for his life—and she finds that she cares desperately.

Fortunately Karen, known to the Renegades as M, has planned for exactly this sort of eventuality. Using Rebecca’s father’s blueprints, Karen patiently built an underground compound in an abandoned part of the Americas where they can regroup and plan for the coming war. The compound becomes an unlikely oasis as their number grows, both on accident and on purpose. In attempting to recover her best friend and companion bot Madeline, Rebecca gets what she thought she’d always wanted: Andy arrives at the compound too, along with her friends Jake and Julie. But with the sudden addition of an old flame from Liam’s past, Rebecca discovers just how little acquainted she has been with her own heart.

Meanwhile, the Silver Six are running a worldwide campaign of indoctrination to ensure that the people are on their side. In the name of peace, they want nothing more than to wipe out every shred of resistance, while pursuing their ultimate goal of robotic superintelligence. With the assistance of a neuroscientist who helped to build the Silver Six decades ago, Rebecca attempts to understand how synthetic minds work, hoping this information can be used against them. She’s sure that the mysterious, brilliant, and beautiful Alessandra Russo is the key somehow, but Alex’s hatred for the Silver Six is only matched by her hatred for the Renegades. Can the Renegades find and exploit the weakness of the Silver Six before synthetic intelligence passes the point of no return? 
The Silver Six by C.A. Gray (Uncanny Valley, #2)

The Silver Six: Uncanny Valley, Book 2Her father died for his beliefs. Her mother always downplayed her father’s activities. Rebecca was hardly prepared to discover that the mysterious M, the leader of the renegades, the force behind an underground revolt was Karen, or as Rebecca called her, “Mom.” She also learned that Senate Leader Halpert and his cronies were illegal humanoid robots created two decades before. And then there is Liam, perhaps the biggest revelation of all, owns real estate in Rebecca’s heart, even as he lies fighting for his life. What a difference a day makes…

Now hunkered down in an underground fortress, this ragtag group of renegades must devise a plan to take Halpert down while gaining support for a war that surely will be coming. As their group grows in numbers and expertise, dark secrets are revealed, enemies become conditional allies and the young man Rebecca thought she loved turns out to have as much depth as a piece of tissue paper.

How can the renegades expose Halpert as he systematically brainwashes the world with his propaganda, his synthetic intelligence and those chips humans wear? They call for peace as they contrive to destroy all who oppose their iron-fisted control. Their reach is everywhere and it is only a matter of time until Rebecca and her group are found, all it takes is one thoughtless mistake…

THE SILVER SIX by C.A. Gray does more than “add to the story” of book one in the Uncanny Valley series, it propels it into a new dimension of science fiction, dystopian reading! The baton has been handed off and book two breaks out at a full run!

New characters, new twists, new levels of danger, intrigue and even good old fashioned human jealousies, as well as tense, intellectual interactions make THE SILVER SIX a fabulous read from start to finish! Imagine being hidden away, fighting for humanity’s future, not sure who you can trust, who you even want to trust and how long you have to live as a bullseye has been painted on your backs by beings who shouldn’t even exist! Then imagine finding that your heart must have hope for the future, because through it all you find romantic feelings for someone. Humanity, at its best and bravest fighting to survive against beings of its own creation…C.A. Gray’s writing is spellbinding, earthy and alive!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from C.A. Gray!

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