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Twisted Fate by Sharon Rose Mayes (Twisted Fate, #1)

Twisted Fate
by Sharon Rose Mayes

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Series: Twisted Fate - Book 1
Publisher: Sharon Rose Mayes
Publication Date: August 12, 2014
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 97 pages
Available from: Amazon
History repeating itself is usually a joke people make to explain things that seem to happen over and over again. But what if it is more than that?
Amelia Fitzgerald is about to find out that the saying is more than what she ever thought it was.
After a tragic accident claimed the lives of her parents Amelia started having the most vivid dreams. The kind where the tears are very real, leaving Amelia convinced that her dreams are more than dreams. When she meets Liam it all seems to come in a bit of truth and even more questions.
She learns that everyone’s fate is set, but that sometimes it gets twisted. Of course with the truth comes a price and there are those who want to make sure that the truth doesn’t get out.
After all the good and the bad doesn’t want the world to know, people just may start choosing sides.

Twisted Fate by Sharon Rose Mayes (Twisted Fate, #1)

Twisted FateAfter the accident that killed her parents, Amelia began to have dreams of events and people coming into her life over and over again. Were these nightmares more than a therapist could “fix?” something is going on, something unexplainable, possibly something called Fate? Who was Liam in her “dreams” or past lives? Is it possible they are fated to be together and some twist of fate has created a glitch in their destiny? There is a truth hidden within the unknown, but should we know it? Is reincarnation a reality for Amelia and Liam?

TWISTED FATE by Sharon Rose Mays is a short, chaotic read that mirrors the chaos in Amelia’s world. The brevity of this read allows for less detail and some seemingly unexplainable events, but one wonders will the knowledge and truth of our fate or destiny set us free or create even more chaos?

A slow start up that builds tension and creates questions for characters and readers alike.

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