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Uncanny Valley by C.A. Gray

Uncanny Valley
by C.A. Gray

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Wanderlust Publishing (December 11, 2017)
Publication Date: December 11, 2017
Genre: Sci-Fi/Dystopian
Print Length: 385 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Have you ever sensed that something isn't quite right, even if you can't explain why?

Rebecca Cordeaux knows exactly what her future will hold: she will marry Andy, her crush of the last five years. Once Andy is ready to settle down, she’s sure he will discover that she is his soulmate. After several small parts on stage, Rebecca knows she can become a renowned actress. Her writing also shows promise as a future author. Robots perform most human jobs that can be automated, leaving many free to pursue their personal creative interests.

But Rebecca's mother Karen fears the new world of robots, and insists her brilliant daughter join a university research team, studying the hazards of a complete robotic economy. Rebecca's father Quentin was obsessed with the subject to a degree that even her mother considered absurd, prior to his untimely death. So long as she can reserve enough of her time to pursue her true passions on the side, Rebecca half-heartedly agrees to join the research team, if only to please her widowed mother. There she joins a post-doc named Liam, whose conspiracy theories rival even those of her late father. Liam is convinced that world Republic leader William Halpert’s worldwide challenge for researchers to develop synthetic creativity will lead not to the promised utopia, in which every kind of human suffering has been eradicated, but rather to an apocalypse. Rebecca, whose best friend is her own companion bot Madeline, writes Liam off as a bot-hating conspiracy theorist, just like her father was… until she learns that her father’s death might not have been due to mere happenstance.

With Liam’s help, Rebecca learns of an underground organization known as The Renegades, where Quentin Cordeaux was considered a legend. While Liam attempts to stop Halpert’s challenge if he can, Rebecca tries to unravel the mystery of what happened to her father. Did he and many of his contemporaries die for something they knew? Who is the mysterious informant who calls himself John Doe, and only seems to want to drive her out of harm’s way? And if Halpert’s challenge is answered, will it usher in a brave new chapter in humanity’s history… or were Quentin Cordeaux’s dire predictions right all along? 

Uncanny Valley by C.A. Gray

Uncanny ValleyIn a world where robots make life easier for humans and technology puts information at everyone’s fingertips, Rebecca’s life was one filled with her personal passions. Rebecca’s father was obsessed with researching the downside to robotics until the day he mysteriously died. As her mother persists in having her brilliant daughter join a Dublin University research team to uncover the negative aspects of a completely robotic economy, Rebecca finds that robotic emotions, while possible in theory, may be one step too far in integrating humanity with the robots who serve them. But isn’t her best friend a robot? Doesn’t it/she mirror Rebecca’s emotions?

Working with Liam, a brilliant conspiracy theorist, Rebecca discovers an underground organization that idolizes her long dead father’s stand. Did her father know something that got him killed? What they uncover is the thing of nightmares in a dystopian world where those in power always have the upper hand. Is humanity about to become redundant? Can you imagine the perfect date that ends in a chip malfunction? How would you feel about answering to an AI at work instead of the other way around?

C.A. Gray’s UNCANNY VALLEY is a brilliant take on a future that goes far beyond “Big Brother” and “1984.” Rebecca is the perfect example of “ignorance is bliss,” until her eyes are opened to the darkness looming behind the scenes in the halls of power and control. Is this the road humanity is heading down?

Thought-provoking, fascinating and well-written, C.A. Gray has another suspense filled hit on her hands, for sure! This one is going to have readers second-guessing that harmless little vacuum that runs itself, because what could be next and when will it end?

I love a book that makes me think long after I hit that last page…think I’ll ask Alexa what she thinks…

I received a complimentary copy from C.A. Gray!

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