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Zaphram, The Hidden Jewel by Gail Parker (Hidden12 Saga #2)

Zaphram, The Hidden Jewel
by Gail Parker

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Hidden12Saga - Book 2
Publication Date: July 26, 2015
Publisher: Gail Parker
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 375 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Book 2- Action packed filled with Romance, Suspense and Adventure. Sudden twists. An exciting story! 

A passionate story of adventure and suspense continues, when a battle ensues over what could possibly be the world’s best kept secret, hidden away in a remote part of the world, where alliances are formed and loyalties are tested. 

Haven Silktin, the chosen one, is back and stronger than ever, in the latest edition of the Hidden12Saga. In an attempt to save her family, Haven soon finds herself being held captive and forced to cooperate with her captor’s sinister plan. Haven is put to the test when she discovers she is a part of an ancient prophecy, revealed to her by the ones holding her captive. 
Her parents, Ben Callensworth and Kristyn Silktin, join in to help Haven break the codes of the stars, leading them to the last remaining, untouched historical landmark. Guided by a special star, Haven embarks on an unforgettable journey of passion, love, adventure, loss, and betrayal to the northernmost part of Alaska where the Aurora Borealis is at its brightest. Once there, Haven and her team are led to believe that they will uncover a treasure of priceless jewels. These jewels will ultimately lead them to the discovery of mankind’s greatest resource that could benefit the entire world, or ultimately destroy it. 
Haven must use her gifts to defeat the guardian of the treasure, who is determined to keep this power hidden. The battle will not be easy. As truths are revealed, Haven is left wondering… Who can she trust? 

Zaphram, The Hidden Jewel by Gail Parker
(Hidden12 Saga #2) 

Zaphram, The Hidden Jewel (Hidden12Saga #2)Not only is Haven the smartest of the smart, the ultimate genius warrior, she is the missing piece to an ancient prophecy, but there are those who would do anything to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny. Uncovering a hidden artifact could be humankind’s salvation or it’s Armageddon. There are also those who would use her to put the hidden artifact into their hands.

Haven is back, stronger, fiercer and just as narcissistic as ever. As three warriors vie for her affections, her opinion of herself, physically, as well as in every other way only raises as she unwittingly toys with heartstrings in her own confusion of emotions.

As her parents join forces with her, their team heads to Alaska, under the magical lights of the Aurora Borealis. But is Haven really to uncover a hidden gem of immense power or has she been led on a fool’s journey? One guardian will stand against her, but his powers are boundless. Can she defeat him or has he been hiding an even greater secret for thousands of years?

Deceit, trickery, explosives and betrayal will haunt her every move. There is a betrayer in her midst, there are heroes willing to lay down their lives for her. Will she learn to appreciate her gifts with humility and use them with heart?

Once again, Gail Parker pours on the action, the adventure, the thrills and the danger in ZAPHRAM: THE HIDDEN JEWEL. Once again, I am lost in this rapid-fire tale, when the action is on. Once again, I am completely on board with every single character and their role, good or evil, except for Haven. I suppose it’s hard to be humble when you are a brilliant, beautiful warrior, but let’s be honest, when the fate of the world is in your hands, who cares what you are wearing? Must we know how each man that drools at her feet fawns over her?

That said, I give Gail Parker credit for making Haven a character with some really big flaws and saying, here she is, “warts” and all. The action is great, the plot is intriguing, the setting, perfectly remote and magical. All told, the shocker at the end was the best!

I received a complimentary copy from Gail Parker!

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