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Border Romance by Hebby Roman (On the Border, #3)

Border Romance
by Hebby Roman

My rating: 5 stars

Series: On the Border - Book 3
Publisher: Estrella Publishing; 1 edition (June 9, 2017)
Publication Date: June 9, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance - Mature Love
Print Length: 161 pages
Available from: Amazon
When Leticia Villarreal, a lonely widow, considers adding Quarter horse racing to her ranch, she finds she has a lot to learn.John Clay Laidlaw, a millionaire rancher and old acquaintance, races Quarter horses and offers to help. But he also cares for her and wants a relationship. Remembering his high-handed tactics when they were young, she doesn't trust him. But when someone tries to harm her horses and John Clay rushes to her rescue, can she open her heart to him?
Border Romance by Hebby Roman (On the Border, #3)

Border Romance (On The Border #3)Life experience has made Leticia Villarreal the strong and independent woman she is today. She has known soul-deep love had it cruelly taken away, has taken the reins of a thriving ranch and given back to the community she is part of. The only thing missing is someone to share her life with, but is she ready to let go of the ghosts of her past? The future of her ranch looks exciting, could that future include love?

In a community where everyone’s business is fodder for gossip, John Clay Laidlaw’s less than conventional marriage, his handsome good looks, wealth and self-assuredness both attracts and repels Leticia. Long ago, he did all he could to hurt her, why should she think he is any different today? Leticia may be older, but she is also wiser and will not be fooled. It will take an act of true kindness and a shoulder to lean on to melt her heart, does that shoulder belong to a more mature John Clay?

Not everyone needs a fiery, blazing romance between twenty-somethings to be enraptured by a tale. Hebby Roman’s BORDER ROMANCE proves that the passion of romantic love never grows old and life’s experiences gained through age may not take away the butterflies of budding romance, but it does instill the wisdom of a heart that knows what it wants when the time is right.

Ms. Roman has given passionate romance a realistic and beautifully grounded platform to launch from as she shows us that love is powerful when two people come together at the right time and place in their lives. Love is not only for the young, but it can be far more precious with age. Wonderful as a standalone, but I'm sure it is priceless as part of the series!

I received a complimentary copy from Hebby Roman!

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