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Bound by Steel by Connie Lafortune

Bound by Steel
by Connie Lafortune

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: March 19, 2016
Publisher: Connie Lafortune
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 266 pages
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Lyra Harper

I was driving home to spend the holidays with my family.
But I lost control of my vehicle on an icy mountain road.
I slammed into a tree on the edge of Lake Lucerne.
I barely remember writing my name on the frosted windowpane.
The darkness had swallowed me whole.
I spiraled toward oblivion.
When I awoke from the gloom
I found myself in an old log cabin
With the devil’s eyes piercing fiercely into mine.

Ryker Steel

Up until four days ago, my life was tedious and tiresome.
Until, I rescued a dainty girl with golden hair and hazel eyes.
She looks just like the one I’m trying to forget.
Now my life has turned upside down and inside out.
You see, I inadvertently revealed my true identity.
Now, she can never leave.
We will live in hell, until we take our last breaths, together.
Lyra was the one who insisted on playing the game.
But I have a gut feeling, I will be the one to lose…
Bound by Steel by Connie Lafortune

Bound by SteelOh My…Oh My Heart…Did. Not. See. This. Coming. Connie Lafortune had me from page one. She hooked me, reeled me in, and when I thought I had myself under control, although with a million questions and a dozen concerns, she sucker-punched my heart and left me in a puddle of emotional goo.

BOUND BY STEEL crept up on me in the best of ways, as each layer was revealed, some peeled away in raw strips, others melting slowly away like ice cream under the passionate heat of the sun.

No, Connie Lafortune did NOT pen a soft romance, filtered through the mist, she created a raw and telling tale of love, incredible loss and the injustices of life as Fate steps in with either its cruelest joke or most incredible dream. Ryker Steel became a ghost, a shadow of himself until he rescues a woman from certain death and his past nightmares come crashing down on him like an avalanche. Now he can never let her go, turning him from hero to jailer.

Lyra Harper would have died on that secluded, ice-filled road when she crashed into that tree. She awoke in a cabin, to find herself trapped with a hulk of a man with a heart of stone. They were two strangers, yet, he acted as if he hated her, as if she were his personal hell.

How could Lyra be drawn to such a monster? He was hard, cold and chiseled like an Adonis and as hard as they tried to avoid it, they had chemistry of the most passionate kind. And she was in danger, not from him, but because of him…

Intense, fevered passion and deadly secrets surround the log cabin, but out in the world the web of lies will threaten to kill them both…especially if Lyra discovers who Ryker thinks she is…
Pass the ice water, Connie Lafortune’s BOUND BY STEEL is a boiling pot of mystery and intrigue, with a raging inferno of soul deep love. Unseen twists and a tsunami of tension had me riveted to the every end! Definitely re-reading this one!

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