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Dare Me Once by Shelly Alexander (Angel Fire Falls, #1)

Dare Me Once
by Shelly Alexander

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Angel Fire Falls - Book 1
Publisher: Montlake Romance (July 17, 2018)
Publication Date: July 17, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 284 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Love is a risk worth taking in this sizzling romance about secrets and second chances…

Scarlett Devereaux’s life on the Gulf Coast went from riches to rags so scandalously fast that she barely had time to kiss her Jimmy Choos goodbye. Now, with a new alias (Lily Barns), a new budget (tighter than a pair of Spanx), and a new job on the vacation island of Angel Fire Falls, she’s daring to reinvent herself.

Single dad Trace Remington is devoted first and foremost to raising his young son, who has Asperger’s. With flying his floatplane and salvaging his family’s island resort too, he has time for little else. His brothers think he needs a break from his all-work-no-play lifestyle, so they goad him into action. In response to their dare, Trace asks a sexy tourist for her number, only to discover afterward that she’s the resort’s brilliant new hospitality manager.

The sparks of flirtation soon ignite into a flame too hot to ignore. But Lily and Trace both have pasts that threaten to tear them apart. Now, they’ll need to admit their secrets to each other…or risk ending their relationship before it really begins.
Dare Me Once by Shelly Alexander (Angel Fire Falls, #1)

Dare Me Once (Angel Fire Falls, #1)Ahhh, the webs we weave because of the sins of our father, because when the truth comes out, it can be heartbreaking…Scarlett has packed her Gucci bags, created a new identity and taken a job far from the nightmares of her past. Maybe she can rebuild her life on the small island of Angel Fire Falls at a family-run resort getaway. Lily Barns is born, determined, talented, and with a heart of gold.

Trace has a full plate, no time for the frivolities of love or romance. A single dad raising a young son with Asperger’s, a hands-on businessman trying to breathe new life into the family resort, there is no time to chase skirts or just have fun.

Shelly Alexander’s DARE ME ONCE is “that” romance that makes you laugh, want to cry and wish to Cupid that, for once, two people will take a chance on trusting another just enough to be honest about who they are, what makes them tick and what dark secrets hide in their pasts! And maybe they could be a little more accepting, too, hmmm, Trace?!

From page one, I adored Lily! The meeting between her, Trace and some little ducklings was priceless! Watching Lily interact with Trace’s young son was so heartwarming. Trace, now here is a man was many moods, many faces and often, a little too much starch in his shorts. He took brooding to a whole new level.

Ms. Alexander spices things up with an attraction that sizzles, turmoil that boils over and ghosts from the past that come back with a vengeance. Fabulous family dynamics abound, but the tsunami of conflict created could sink the Titanic and even Cupid will have his work cut out for him.
A quick and fun read that had me hoping that love COULD conquer all!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Montlake Romance!

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