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Demon's Possession (Dark Immortals #2) by Adrian Wolfe

Demon's Possession
by Adrian Wolfe

My rating: 3 stars

Series: Dark Immortals - Book 2
Publisher: Dark Cypress Bend (February 19, 2018)
Publication Date: February 19, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 232 pages
Available from: Amazon
Being in love means making the ultimate sacrifice. 

Layla might be Hunter’s mate… but trusting him completely still proves to be a challenge. Layla finds she’s more or less barely existing among her coven, despite Hunter’s attempts to pull her out of it.

But when the head of Layla’s coven falls sick with a disease from the Underworld, Layla must find a cure, or risk losing one of the most powerful witches alive. Hunter and Layla journey to the Underworld, yet Hunter finds that it is vastly different from the place he left.

Finding an antidote will be a nearly impossible task— and, quite possibly, a deadly one. 

Nothing is as it seems. The cure lies hidden with one who is not as she appears. Layla’s past will return to haunt her future, and the fate of the coven rests on her shoulders. 

The journey will either bring Layla and Hunter closer than ever… or drive them apart for good.
Demon's Possession (Dark Immortals #2) by Adrian Wolfe

Demon's Possession (Dark Immortals #2)Her upbringing and lack of nurturing has made Layla afraid to trust, afraid to believe in Hunter’s love. Her fledgling magic causes her to struggle, but when a disease from the Underworld threatens to take Sophie’s life, in spite of Hunter’s warnings and wishes, Layla plunges headlong into danger to help find a cure.

DEMON’S POSSESSION by Adrian Wolfe has a plot extraordinaire! Fabulous world building in the Underworld is another huge plus for this tale. The denizens of the Underworld are not what one would expect and that is refreshing. Sure, they're dark, they’re demons and they hate witches. Hunter will need all of his wits to obtain the cure he seeks, but Layla following him will put them both in grave danger, even with the help of a demon Layla has longed to meet.

I love Ms. Wolfe’s style, her characters and here is where the “but” comes in. Layla is the main character, yet, she is the one I just cannot understand. She is extremely immature, hardly mate-for-eternity material, more like a high school drama queen who leaps before she looks, never thinking of what her actions could do to others around her. While her heart may be in the right place, she seems to be regressing, instead of growing. Had she been a supporting character, I could read around her, but sadly, Layla just isn’t heroine material for me and Hunter with Layla just isn’t believable, but Fate clearly knows better than I do!

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