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Just For Megan Melanie Bennett (For Passion #2)

Just For Megan
by Melanie Bennett

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Passion - Book 2
Publisher: Melanie Bennett (April 26, 2018)
Publication Date: April 26, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 204 pages
Available from: Amazon
Sorrow will challenge Love.
Hearts will Break.
Dreams will Shatter.
Promises will change.

Ric Pallindino and Megan O'Dwyer.
Their seemingly chance meeting, inevitable.

Megan O'Dwyer is a beer and burger girl, practical and grounded. Forced to abandon the innocence of childhood far too soon, she stumbles along the path she chose. Her dreams and goals are on pause until further notice, while she works two jobs.
For Megan, Love has left a deep cut on her soul. It doesn't gape, but it hasn't healed. Love came again, with an ultimatum, a price she refused to pay.
Megan expected her life to be lonely, it went with the territory. Regardless, she loved her decision and shame would never be allowed to taint it.
Except, Ric Pallindino stormed into her life, disrupting her world and flooded her with hope. Everything she had wished for, promised in his warm brown eyes, in his touch.

Ric Pallindino takes a hard turn and veers away from his brother's shadow. From the maneaters that prey on his attention. Convinced the younger Pallindino brother must be as notorious and reckless as the older.
Ric's existence has been held hostage by remorse and guilt. His past taunts him. A determined reminder, he is undeserving of peace, and that Karma always collects.
In spite of the darkness, Ric is struck by Megan's light. Her exquisite beauty and a glimpse of what could be, demands he escape his private hell and pursue what his heart desires. Her.

Brought together by Fate.
Broken by Fury.

Can their newly ignited love, their reality, withstand a devastating Truth?
Can Fate be defied, when Love has a plan? 
Just For Megan Melanie Bennett (For Passion #2)

Just For Megan (Passion #2)Sometimes people come into your life for a reason. Call it Fate, call it love, call it meant to be. Megan wasn’t expecting her knight in shining armor to rescue her from the life she has chosen. Nor did she expect he would be everything she needed, embracing her life, her baggage and all that was dear to her.

Ric isn’t the player his looks would suggest. He is a prisoner to his past, a nightmare he will never forget or forgive himself for. How could he possibly think he could deserve someone like Megan? One thing for sure, he needs her, he needs her world, but when his past stares him in the face, he knows he could lose her in the time it takes to tell her the truth of who he is.

Long ago, one action destroyed lives, but now, one action could lead to redemption and a future filled with light and love.

JUST FOR MEGAN by Melanie Bennett is “that” love story. There is pain, loss, discovery and hope for two people deserving of more than life has given them, but were Fate and Cupid just waiting for the right moment?

Ms. Bennett tells her tale in a slightly different way. I noticed there was almost a veiled quality to the budding romance between the feisty Megan and the tortured Ric. There is no big machismo, no over-wrought heroine, these two feel alive and real. This isn’t a floodgates-opening romance, it is one to watch blossom until the harsh realities of their lives cut like a razor’s edge.

If you’re looking for a romance with some sweetness, humor, and high-power tension, but NEED to know that Fate has a heart, too, this is one to pick up and get lost in.

I received a complimentary copy from Melanie Bennett!

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