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Looking For Trouble by Lara Ward Cosio

Looking For Trouble
Rogue Series Extra
by Lara Ward Cosio

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Rogue - Book 5
Publisher: Rogue Publications (May 22, 2018)
Publication Date: May 22, 2018
Genre: NA Romantic Drama
Print Length: 252 pages
Available from: Amazon
I'm Danny Boy. No surname needed. Even though Shay Donnelly, the drummer for Rogue, is my baby brother, everyone in the whole of Dublin--hell, maybe even all of Ireland--knows me as Danny Boy. It's all I've ever been called.

But Ms. Amelia Patterson, my therapist extraordinaire, thinks it's time I go back to formalities. She says it's only right now that I'm closing in on forty years of age and am trying to improve myself. I have no illusions over the ways in which I've manipulated and hurt others just to get by, but something has changed.

What makes the difference this time? How do I know I won't slip back into my old ways again? That's what Ms. Patterson wants to know.

So, I'll keep on with the sessions, both to please my brother, and because I'll need them more than I know. Especially once *she* enters my life and not only tests everything I've fought for, but threatens Rogue by stirring up the past.

It won't be easy--my life never is--but now I've got a dog named Roscoe, a therapist named Ms. Patterson, and an unfamiliar, but welcome, new band of brothers backing me. All I need to do is stop looking for trouble.
Looking For Trouble by Lara Ward Cosio

Looking For Trouble: Rogue Series ExtraJust ouch. He never had a chance to be a child. He took the weight of the world on his shoulders for Shay. Then Shay grew up and Danny had no identity, anymore. Danny Boy has made a total mess of his life. Total. He has burned bridges, lied, mostly to himself and yet, finally, he is drug-free and the struggle is painfully real. The loneliness is real and the need to be his own man is real. But Danny is floundering, caught up in a typhoon of regrets, failures and weaknesses that are his to own, his burden to carry, but wouldn’t his weight be lighter if he let go and shared his fears?

Ms. Patterson, the professional therapist his brother Shay pays to help Danny cope with his problems may be the key to his emotional and mental health, but as long as Danny holds back or manipulates their sessions, he will fail.

As he reaches for human companionship, he is once again played for a fool. Is his judgement so faulty he is destined to be a failure at everything? Will he always be looking for what he thinks he needs in all the wrong places?

LOOKING FOR TROUBLE by Lara Ward Cosio is a dark and edgy tale of life around the band Rogue. I swear there were times I thought I would cut myself on the jagged edges of this story. Danny speaks and his emotional despair and desperation is so raw, his mistakes so obvious to us, yet he is so oblivious at first, then even when he KNOWS he is being used, he lets it happen, or does he? Will Danny finally learn to respect and love himself?

Dark, dark, dark, this story reads like acid to the heart. I got mad, I felt terrible, I had hope and by the end, I was exhausted, feeling edgy and truly hoping that this time was the magic time that worked for Danny. Yep, I was THAT lost in the story, thanks to Lara Ward Cosio’s bold pen and lack of fear in making things taut, ugly and real.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Lara Ward Cosio!

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