Thursday, May 24, 2018

Reeling by Ev Bishop (River's Sigh B&B, #6)

by Ev Bishop

My rating: 5 stars

Series: River's Sigh B&B - Book 6
Publisher: Winding Path Books (May 25, 2018)
Publication Date: May 25, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Mia Grant, a one-time pop star, still bears emotional scars caused by a stalker who terrorized her for years—a person she inadvertently welcomed into her inner circle. She has come a long way in learning to manage the crippling fear and anxiety his savage attack left her with, and she books into River’s Sigh B & B to begin the grueling task of what she hopes will be the final step in her recovery. Determined to reclaim her old independence and sense of adventure and possibility, she vows to never let anyone get close enough to fool or injure her again.

The disfiguring scars on Gray Robertson’s body are nothing compared to those marring his damaged heart and psyche. A loner by nature, the brutal murder of his young wife and son made him a hermit. He lives off-grid in the wilderness of northern Canada with only his dog for company, finding isolation far easier to survive than loving people and having them torn away. 

When his closest neighbor, Jo at River’s Sigh B & B, ropes him into giving self-defense lessons to some washed up musician, Gray figures it’s a safe way to make a bit of cash to see him through winter. 

As Mia and Gray get to know each other, neither are prepared for the tumultuous, conflicting emotions that leave them reeling. In him, a convoluted mix of desire, protectiveness, and misplaced fury. In her, a complex stew of appreciation, longing, and apprehension. 

Then a foolish decision puts Mia's life in peril and forces questions she and Gray are both scared to answer. Can love heal old wounds, or are they too damaged to risk further hurt?
Reeling by Ev Bishop (River's Sigh B&B, #6)

ReelingShe needed an escape, a place of solitude to heal from the trauma has haunted her for years. Mia needs to take charge of her life and create one she can own. A former popstar, the fame and the spotlight brought a monster into her inner circle and she paid dearly. Now it’s time to let go of the anxiety and the constant fear. What better place to do that than a secluded resort where she can be herself, not the image people have of her?

Gray’s heart was scarred years before and his response to that devastation was to become a hermit, alone in the cabin he built, living off the grid, with only his dog and the River’s Sigh B&B as a neighbor. Reluctantly he agrees to teach self-defense to a woman in need. Little did he know, his heart would go down for the count in the company of another damaged soul.

Welcome back to the River’s Sigh B&B where breathtaking scenery and the magic of love are the best medicine for the soul! REELING by Ev Bishop could be my favorite in the series so far!
Looking for humorous moments? Want to witness two people fall under the magic of making a connection with another? There will be arguments, pain and denial, but through it all, two people will find healing, hopefully taking a chance on love!

Ev Bishop has pulled out all of the stops at River’s Sigh, as Jo plays Cupid to two people so badly damaged, it appears to be Mission Impossible! Mountain man Gray definitely has his moments, like an old curmudgeon, but underneath his unkempt beard lies a hero with a heart just waiting to be mended! Mia’s damage was horrendous, all because she became an idol and a magnet for evil.

I loved the slow transformation these two made and I have to admit, I was barely hanging on, waiting for “that aha moment!” Another fabulous romance in a magical setting from Ev Bishop!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Ev Bishop!

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