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The Devil's Election by Angel Ramon Medina (Janus, #1)

The Devil's Election
by Angel Ramon Medina

My rating: 3.5 stars

Series: Janus - Book 1
Publisher: Angel Ramon; 1 edition (March 28, 2017)
Publication Date: March 28, 2017
Genre: Political Suspense | Scifi
Print Length: 323 pages
Available from: Amazon
It's September 11, 2016, only 2 months away from the most controversial election in the history of the United States. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are both running for office, but they both could not be any more hated by the American public.
Meanwhile, an organization called the Terrorist Killers are investigating a substance known as the stem-cell substance. It supposedly extends the lifespan of a human being and be the next great breakthrough in genetic engineering. However, as with any high-profile drug, it's being distributed illegally. What starts off as an ordinary illegal drug bust escalates rather quickly into a conspiracy plot that will have serious implications on the general election of 2016.

As the story deepens it turns out that an arch-nemesis of the Terrorist Killers is behind all this, known as Janus. He's using the funding of Trump and Clinton to fund the drug's distribution and his criminal activities. In exchange, he promises to rig the election, by hacking into the voting machines and changing the votes to the president that pays him the most. What no one knows is who this Janus character really is, a two-faced conniving snake who's been wanted by the FBI for the longest. Does Janus intend to keep his promise or is he a traitor to the American people along with the stem-cell substance.
It will be up to Mariano Hernandez the star agent to find out the true identity of Janus, something no one knows not even the FBI. Do the stem-cell's really help extend the lifespan of a human or is it hiding a more sinister effect.
Who will win the election, the ultra-conservative Donald Trump, the ultra-liberal Hilary Clinton or will Janus plunge the United States into his own idea of socialism. What are the true intentions of Trump, Clinton, and Janus?

You'll have to find out in a story where no one can be trusted and everybody is a suspect. The fate of the united States is at stake and one substance can destroy mankind. Everybody will be backstabbing each other just to get ahead, is there anyone Mariano can trust or will he need eyes behind his back as well. Find out in, Janus- The Devil's Election 
The Devil's Election by Angel Ramon Medina (Janus, #1)

The Devil's Election (Janus #1)THE DEVIL’S ELECTION by Angel Ramon Medina is an edgy and dark look at a hotbed of misinformation, mistrust and the machinations and misuse of political and economic power.
Drawing on the 2016 Presidential elections where so often the phrases, “there are no choices,” or “I voted for the lesser of two evils,” were heard, Angel Ramon Medina adds another dimension with a touch of science fiction and some razor-sharp suspense.

One man will promise victory to both Trump and Clinton, for a price. What are Janus’s true intentions? Greed, the quest for power, deceit and overly inflated egos will fill Janus’s coffers, but one organization is coming for him and they will stop at nothing to end his game.

I was fascinated by the plot, intrigued by its scope, but for as much as I love some great dialogue, I was tempted to ask the characters for a lot less talk and a little more action. Certainly filled with twists, unexpected turns and a raw, unvarnished feel, I was mesmerized by how this seemed just as likely as not to actually happen, because power can corrupt and humanity is flawed.

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