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An Innocent Client (Joe Dillard #1) by Scott Pratt

An Innocent Client
by Scott Pratt

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Joe Dillard - Book 1
Publisher: Phoenix Flying, Inc. (December 13, 2013)
Publication Date: December 13, 2013
Genre: Suspense | Thriller
Print Length: 372 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

A preacher is found brutally murdered in a Tennessee motel room.

A beautiful, mysterious young girl is accused.

In this Mystery Readers International finalist for "Best Debut Mystery," criminal defense lawyer Joe Dillard has become jaded over the years as he's tried to balance his career against his conscience. Savvy but cynical, Dillard wants to quit doing criminal defense, but he can't resist the chance to represent someone who might actually be innocent. His drug-addicted sister has just been released from prison and his mother is succumbing to Alzheimer's, but Dillard's commitment to the case never wavers despite the personal troubles and professional demands that threaten to destroy him.
An Innocent Client (Joe Dillard #1) by Scott Pratt 

An Innocent Client (Joe Dillard #1)Justice is in the eye of the beholder. When burned out defense attorney, Joe Dillard was made a monetary offer he could hardly refuse, he may have known better, he may have had an idea of the real events of the night the zealot preacher was killed, but he also knew his job was to defend the accused murderer.

Angel was a beautiful, young waitress at a strip bar run by a business savvy Southern Belle who knew how to twist people around her bejeweled fingers, or if necessary, load their coffers of cooperation with the almighty dollar. Accused of a vicious murder, Angel hardly fits the MO of a sadistic killer and she softly denies the crime, but evidence says otherwise and it is up to Joe to place just one thread of doubt in the jury’s minds, all while standing before a cantankerous judge with a grudge against him.

If that isn’t enough, his drug-addicted sister has darkened his doorstep long enough to steal from him, his long-suffering mother is declining and the son of the preacher man has it out for him. And, as they say, the plot thickens…with Joe caught up in a stew of murder, mystery and mayhem with a side of sweet tea and Southern Charm.

Entertaining, easy to follow and to be honest, easy to pass my personal verdict in the case, Scott Pratt’s AN INNOCENT CLIENT is still one heck of ride from start to finish with all of the right twists, surprises and revelations, as well as a few side shockers, to boot!

Fabulous character development, with Joe’s character being the most conflicted and realistic, I have to say, that, yes, in the end justice was served and I’m pretty sure Joe’s conscience was as clear as a defense attorney’s can get!

Not too dark, not too much, entertaining, with a steady pace, I’m definitely looking into more reading from Scott Pratt, starring attorney Joe Dillard!

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