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Angels and Elves: Act I by William Collins (The Realmers Book 4)

Angels and Elves: Act I
by William Collins

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Realmers - Book 4
Publication Date: April 12, 2018
Publisher: William Collins
Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy | Action
Print Length: 531 pages
Available from: Amazon
Evan, Jed and Brooke have all become accomplished Venators, but no matter what they face in their missions, from slug-dragons to giant jellyfish, a much larger threat looms. Even Veneseron is no longer safe, as the secret dark-Venator in their midst plans to kill again. 

Evan is no longer the quiet, kind boy he was when he arrived at Veneseron. 
He fears that the dark magic inside him is changing who he is. Not even joining the magical sports team at Veneseron can distract Evan from the power calling to him. Meanwhile, the sister Evan never knew he had, Taija, is terrified of even taking part in training, knowing how powerful and uncontrollable her sorcery is and how people die every time it gets free. 

Whilst Jed is given the task of trying to save the faerie realm from its imminent destruction, whispers spread of a weapon hidden on the world of dark elves that can infect and turn anyone into mindless demons. 

Worse, Queen Akirandon now knows Veneseron has been harbouring one of her children and will stop at nothing to find them, putting all the worlds at risk. Evan and Brooke must go before the Venator high-masters and reveal what they are, but in doing so they risk being imprisoned or even killed by their own people, who may see them as evil beings not meant to exist. 
Angels and Elves: Act I by William Collins
(The Realmers Book 4)

Angels and Elves: Act I (The Realmers Book 4)When you read that last page, that last word and you feel like you are closing another chapter in newfound friends’ lives, then an author has done their job of bringing a new world to life and making you part of that world! William Collins' ANGELS AND ELVES: ACT I continues the saga of young warriors facing impossible missions and learning to not only survive, but to thrive and grow in spite of the odds against them. Their lives are not with danger and secrets though, and for Evan and Brooke, those secrets are about to be exposed.

The young Venators have become seasoned warriors. As Evan struggles with the dark magic within, his countenance is changing under the stress. Gone is the quiet boy, replaced with a troubled young man in crisis. As a dark and angry queen learns one of her offspring has been hidden on Veneseron, it is determined that Brooke and Evan must go before the Venator high masters and reveal their dark magic, who they are and still prove they are in control. One false step and they could die. Are they prepared for the tests they will be given? Can they each control their dark magic? Will the tests be fair or are the cards and Fate stacked against them? Fear is a dangerous foe…ignorance makes Fear deadly…

William Collins' ability to create raw action, deep emotional turmoil and characters that act, react and feel as alive as you or me is a true testament to his gift as an author! The characters are growing, their personalities are deepening and their honor is strong, as once again, we are transported from reality and into a world where magic can hurt or heal, save lives or take them and the measure of young warriors is tested at every turn.

This epic fantasy is intense, detailed and something to savor!

I received a complimentary copy from William Collins!

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