Monday, June 25, 2018

Captivating Melody by Katherine McIntyre (Discord's Desire, #1)

Captivating Melody
by Katherine McIntyre

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Discord's Desire - Book 1
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Publication Date: June 25, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Available from: Barnes & Noble
Cross a satyr, a siren, and an incubus with rock and roll, and you get Discord’s Desire, a band of panty-dropping hellions whose live shows incite orgies. Of course, their booking manager, Liz O’Brien, gets saddled with the monumental task of keeping the boys in line. She’s not your average chick, resistant to glamour of the fae and fame variety, which only makes her more tempting to their lead singer, Kieran Blackmore. With his incubus charms, silken voice, and GQ looks, he could have any girl he wants—except Liz. She doesn’t do serious flings, and she’s determined to keep things professional. 

However, when Kieran’s brother sends hitmen after the band, Liz discovers others with her abilities—hunters, who just declared themselves enemies of the fae. Liz leans on Kieran for support, who proves his dedication at every step. Fae mercenaries might attack post-show, but Liz has her Beretta to handle that. What terrifies her more than any monster chasing after them is how she’s falling for Kieran. Her deep feelings trigger every ‘run-away’ sensor in her foster kid handbook, and worse, with war brewing between the hunters and the fae, their love can only end in heartbreak. 
Captivating Melody by Katherine McIntyre
(Discord's Desire, #1)

Captivating Melody (Discord's Desire, #1)Music really can soothe the wild beast, or incubus. Then again it can also incite riots as Discord’s Desire, a hot rock band with hidden paranormal talents feed off the frenzied lust their very essences create! Enter one of the few human unaffected by the glamour of the fae, their new, no-nonsense booking manager/babysitter, Liz O’Brien.

So what happens when an incubus used to a smorgasbord of emotions meets the one woman he can’t have? Its game on as Liz manages to dodge Kieran’s advances outwardly, while secretly wishing things could be different. Liz has a laundry list of reasons she doesn’t do relationships, but when Kieran and the band become targets in a Fae murder plot, Liz finds she may be a relationship kind of girl, after all. But first, she has to make sure her sexy incubus survives as human and Fae alike gear up for war.

Katherine McIntyre’s CAPTIVATING MELODY is a sharp and edgy tale of music, romance and fear of the unknown as one band, their enhanced sexual magnetism find that for every groupie falling at their feet, there is someone waiting to end their music on a deadly note.

Who can be trusted? Can Liz believe that a man who feeds off sexual energy could find satisfaction with her alone? Welcome backstage, as Katherine McIntyre shines the spotlight on strong characters, fun characters and some dangerously dark machinations, all while romance is simmering in the wings! Nice pace, nice plot, a paranormal fan’s great escape into fantasy that includes, music and romance with an otherworld feel!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Katherine McIntyre!

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