Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cloud Whispers by Sedona Hutton

Cloud Whispers
by Sedona Hutton

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: March 16, 2018
Publisher: Sedona Hutton
Genre: Women's Fiction
Print Length: 320 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The daughter she gave away. The family she always wanted. The journey to redefine her fate.

Katie Callahan longs to start a family of her own. Infertile and unable to convince her relatives to accept the man she married, she regrets giving away the daughter from her secret teenage pregnancy. When a twist of fate brings a second chance at motherhood, she’s caught between joy and the fear of her husband’s rejection of another man’s child… until a devastating motorcycle accident rips the decision out of her hands.

With her body trapped in a coma, Katie finds herself in the dreamlike space between Earth and the afterlife. Guided by spiritual forces and the soul of her beloved dog, she learns the life-changing power of intention and self-transformation. From her ethereal vantage-point, she watches as her loved ones work together to connect the pieces of their broken hearts. As she finally realizes her true destiny, Katie's only chance to fulfill her purpose means completing an impossible journey back to life…

Cloud Whispers is a mind-expanding women’s fiction novel with a strong spiritual message. If you like headstrong heroines, heartwarming stories of family and forgiveness, and new age concepts, then you’ll love Sedona Hutton’s empowering tale.

Cloud Whispers by Sedona Hutton

Cloud WhispersAll Katie wanted was a life filled with love and happiness. She had the love of her husband, her family and her friends, but she wanted more. She wanted what she gave away years ago, a baby and she wondered if her current infertility was “punishment.” When she receives news that will forever change her life and fulfill an inner need, a horrific motorcycle accident will render her comatose and send her spiraling into a world of “in-between,” a world between the Earthly plane and the afterlife of death.

Two beings and the soul of her beloved dog will take her on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and show her the strength of making things happen, instead of passively yearning.
When Katie awakens from her coma, she will find herself embroiled in family drama, legal battles and a realization that she will fight to earn what she wants.

CLOUD WHISPERS by Sedona Hutton is told in an almost dreamlike manner, softly as one woman finds joy in life, in the journey to realize her potential and the life she always dreamed of.

Strong spiritual aspects temper the hard facts of reality in a story that brings joy to an entire family and heals its past wounds. Blended with an earthy romance, this story is a wonderful escape into other lives with a touch of the unknown and the chance for happiness.

I received a complimentary copy from BooksGoSocial!

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