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Dangerous Memories by Amanda Siegrist (Lucky Town, #2)

Dangerous Memories
by Amanda Siegrist

My rating: 5 stars

Series: A Lucky Town Novel - Book 2
Publication Date: Paperback - June 22, 2018
Publication Date: Kindle - August 10, 2018
Publisher: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Suspense
Paperback: 282 pages
Available from: Amazon
Has a new evil arrived, or an old terror returned?

Agent Danny O’Rourke only wants one thing. His sister, Aubrey, to come home. He couldn’t save her from being taken, but the least he can do is help her through her turmoil. Except one thing is standing in his way—the Caldwell family. He wants to hate Kat Caldwell the most, but no matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t hate her. He wants her. So badly. When he starts connecting the dots in his latest murder case, all pointing to Kat as the next victim, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe. He won’t fail her like he failed his sister. The closer he gets to the truth, the more he realizes he might be all wrong in his assumptions. He already lost his heart to her, but he won’t lose her to a killer.
Dangerous Memories by Amanda Siegrist (Lucky Town, #2)

Dangerous MemoriesHe felt both the guilt of a brother failing to protect his sister, Aubrey and the guilt of a lawman failing to protect the victim. Now, he is caught up in a tumultuous hate/love relationship with Kat Caldwell, the sister of the man who stole Aubrey’s heart a thousand miles away.

When Kat comes to Florida to pack up Aubrey’s belongings, Danny O’Rourke, FBI agent, finds he can’t really blame the feisty woman for the nightmare that shredded his sister’s life or for being the sister of the sheriff who is helping her heal. But wasn’t that Danny’s job? Yet, just one poke of her finger and Danny is like putty in Kat’s hands, not that he’ll let her know.

When something happens that sets alarm bells off in Danny’s head, he is convinced that Kat is the next intended victim of a twisted killer and he is determined not to fail again. Can he be objective when his heart is becoming entangled in the case? Kat ignites feelings like a match on a stick of dynamite and he knows she wants him, too.

This time out, Danny will not fail someone he loves, no matter what, even if it involves the aid of Sheriff Logan Caldwell.

DANGEROUS MEMORIES, Amanda Siegrist’s second addition to her romantic suspense series, Lucky Town, not only continues the saga of two families intertwined through love and danger, it showcases her talents as an author to bring true-to-life moments to the world she has created.

Part mystery, part suspense and part heated romance, each scene carries its own flavor, its own pace and tone. With dialogue that will bring a few smirks, action that can be dark and raw and the passion of romance filled with emotional turmoil, DANGEROUS MEMORIES does its predecessor proud while being fresh, intriguing and a romance lover’s dream! Read it for the romance, fall in love with the characters, become enthralled in the suspense and enjoy it for the gem this read is! Looks like Amanda Siegrist's bar has risen again and the sky's the limit! Sexy, suspenseful reading!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Amanda Siegrist!

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