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Digging a Hole (OHellNo, #3) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Digging a Hole
by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

My rating: 5 stars

Series: OHellNo - Book 3
Publisher: Mimi Boutique (June 19, 2018)
Publication Date: June 19, 2018
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 201 pages
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My name is Sydney Lucas. I am smart, deathly shy, and one-hundred percent determined to make my own way in the world. Which is why I jumped at the chance to intern for Mr. Nick Brooks despite his reputation. After ten failed interviews at other companies, he was the only one offering. Plus, everyone says he knows his stuff and surely a man as stunningly handsome as him can't be "the devil incarnate," right? Wrong.

Oh...that man. That freakin' man has got to go! I've been on the job one week, and he's insulted my mother, wardrobe shamed me, and managed to make me cry. Twice. Underneath that stone-cold, beautiful face is the evilest human being ever.

But I'm not going to quit. Oh no. For once in my life, I've got to make a stand. Only every time I open my mouth, I can't quite seem to muster the courage. Perhaps my revenge needs to come in another form: destroying him quietly.

Because I've got a secret. I'm not really just an intern, and Sydney Lucas isn't my real name.

Digging a Hole (OHellNo, #3)  by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Digging a Hole (OHellNo, #3)Who’s fooling who and what are they going to do about it? When the meanest boss EVER meets the shy, sweet intern, the only thing that isn’t clear is who has the biggest secret! Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s latest quirky, laugh riot of a romance, DIGGING A HOLE, the third entertainment-filled entry in the OHellNo series does its predecessors proud!

As if her recent adventures haven’t been enough, her shy, “don’t look at me” demeanor is about to be flushed down the toilet when our undercover intern finds being a doormat for her pompous boss wasn’t in her job description. Will she pull the “My Daddy owns the company” card or will she find that standing up for herself (or her alias) just might put Mr. I Am An A**, Nick Brooks in his proper place?

Good Grief, MJP had me almost in tears of laughter, yet, I could feel my inner “I Am Woman” fist pumping for Sydney/not Sydney. And the big boss’s little twist? It’s huge and clearly our girl is up for more than one challenge!

As always, start to finish, light-hearted, frenzied fun, because revenge can be so sweet!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

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