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Earth by Jessica Frances (The Invasion Trilogy #1)

by Jessica Frances

My rating: 4 stars

Trilogy: The Invasion Trilogy - Book 1
Publication Date: June 16, 2014
Publisher: Jessica Frances
Genre: Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction
Print Length: 407 pages
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Earth is being invaded. There was no warning and no time to stage any kind of defense. Instead countries started to go silent. They were no longer reachable and no one knew what was happening.
So when Canada went dark; everyone knew America would be next. 

My name is Matilda, but everyone calls me Mattie. I was at college in Oregon when the attack began. By the time Canada went quiet, we’d had enough. So two of my friends and I decided to join the fight in Vancouver and find out what was really happening.
That is when everything changed. What we found was death, destruction and machines that were slaughtering humans. There would be no escape for us; no place to go where the machines couldn't reach us.
I had no future, but then I met him.

My name is Marduke and I’m part of the reason Earth is being invaded. I’m from a different planet and even though I look human, I’m not. But when Earth was invaded, I began running from my family and running for my life. 
Then she saved me. 
She made me feel something I’d never felt before. She saved my life and opened my heart to the possibility of love, she changed me forever. 

What are the chances of finding your true love right when the world is ending? What kind of cruel fate places them together under those circumstances? 
What is she supposed to do when he tells her he is not from Earth?
When she finds out that he is one of the invaders?
What does she do when she finds out everything she thought she knew was wrong?
What does he do when he has to make a choice between protecting her and saving himself?
How can they overcome everything standing in their way?
Earth by Jessica Frances (The Invasion Trilogy #1)

Earth (The Invasion Trilogy #1)Are we really so na├»ve as to think there couldn’t be intelligent life somewhere out in the galaxy? Why couldn’t they be far superior to us? What if they decided that humanity has done a pretty bad job of being stewards of the earth and they really, really needed to add our planet to their “collection” to save it?

Jessica Frances has done just that, with an evil twist or two, because power and greed would appear to be universal. It would also seem that love knows no bounds as one alien sent to scout the earth discovers love, an emotion foreign to his home world of Oden. Marduke will also learn that just maybe humanity has more to offer the universe than his cold, regimented world ever could. Now he will do everything he can to save the very world he was sent to overtake, even if it means betraying his family, just as they are betraying him.

Mattie is a college student, far from her home in Australia. When the attacks began, she took a stand with two friends, she was going to fight to save her world. Little did she know, the handsome young man with the strange accent would become a part of her very soul, until he betrayed her trust by telling the truth. He was the enemy, yet he was there fighting by her side and protecting her as best he could. Was it a trick?

High energy tension runs razor-taut throughout this scifi/romance. Mattie is a warrior at heart, determined to survive and keep those around her alive. Marduke is not the typical warrior invader from space. The concept of “caring” really does come across as foreign to him and Jessica Frances does a great job developing the changes he undergoes. The romance is more sweet than spicy, the danger is ever-present and supporting characters add a touch of realism, as clearly, not everyone is cut out to be a warrior when the world is shattering around them.

Ending on a HUGE twist, EARTH has it all, action, terror, deceit, a determination to survive and love when it is least expected. A great escape into another reality that will make readers think twice about “what is out there.” Solid reading without over-the-top gore, but heavy on the will to survive with honor in what appears to be a losing battle from the stars.

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