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Entangled Destiny by Scarlett West (Immortal Breed Series - Prequel) w/#Giveaway

Entangled Destiny

By Scarlett West

My Rating: 5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
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Their love is dangerous. Their love isn't their destiny. 

Her parents were murdered. Her vampire coven faces war. All Laima has left are her healing arts to keep her afloat. 

A vampire aristocrat bound to his coven’s duty, Rudis is determined to take Laima as his mate.

When Laima and Rudis collide, it ignites a dangerous and alluring fire.

But in the shadows of violence a new threat arises. A lethal female covets Rudis and will do anything to obtain him—including murder. Laima and Rudis will have to fight for their love.... And their lives.
Entangled Destiny by Scarlett West
(Prequel - Immortal Breed Series)

With the atmosphere of a fairytale, Scarlett West’s ENTANGLED DESTINY is a dark tale of love, jealousy, fate and destiny.

In a world where duty to the coven is paramount, one vampire aristocrat will throw caution and tradition to the wind in favor of love. Will the petty jealousy of Laima’s sister turn the love Rudis and Laima share into a nightmare of blood between covens?

As the prequel to an upcoming series, ENTANGLED DESTINY is a superb, well told tale of betrayal and desire that will change the future and the face of the vampire coven wars, setting a firm foundation for dark fantasy lovers to devour!

Scarlett West has forgone the vicious blood-sucking denizens of the night for a romantic, yet dark tale of love that feels like a fairytale for grown-ups. Well written, this this tale flows softly along, setting the stage, introducing the characters, both good and evil, while letting us know HOW their attitudes came to be!  Trust me, you are going to feel like you were swept into another world and another time and you WILL feel the strength of the love two souls hold!

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Scarlett West would like to thank her three F’s: Fans, Family and Friends. Thank you forever for your support.
An avid reader and writer who will never stop dreaming, Scarlett has traveled to many countries and been on tons of adventures. She draws her stories from these places, life experiences, and her grand imagination.

Besides writing, she’s a hobby herbalist and a dancer. If she’s not by the computer typing these things up, she can be found by the in a forest, on a mountain, or by the ocean.

Scarlett West writes sexy paranormal, romance novels. She’s working on an adult, vampire series set in exotic to familiar places including the United States, Latvia, Italy, Poland and Argentina.

Her hot, European males and females struggle with duty to their coven and must risk it all to find love. Each book is a standalone, but the stories are connected. The books are works-in-progress. Stay tuned!

Though Scarlett loves paranormal romance, she covers other interests in her blog about nutrition, writing/books, and life inspiration. She would love to hear from you so please drop by and say hi on Facebook and Twitter.

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