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Jade's Descent by Isabelle Hardesty (Delacourt Saga, #2)

Jade's Descent
by Isabelle Hardesty

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Delacourt Saga - Book 2
Publication Date: August 21, 2016
Publisher: Isabelle Hardesty
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 153 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
As a half shapeshifter and half fairy, Jade's quest to find answers and defeat evil leads her down a dangerous path full of magic and enemies that can ultimately destroy her and those she loves.

An evil force is kidnapping supernatural teens in NYC. Jade and other shapeshifters unite to defeat this new threat. Time is running out.

Jade must travel to learn about her past and to find answers she is searching for. Jade’s family grows as she discovers she has more than her adoptive family to love and protect.

Bex, an evil fairy queen, is back and she’s more evil than ever with a new member of her team…someone who was once thought to be dead.

Seven, Jade’s sexy shapeshifter boyfriend who is also an actor, works together with Jade as they confront danger and evil that may unite them... or tear them apart.

Come along on this exciting YA paranormal romance journey that will keep you hooked, page after page.
Jade's Descent by Isabelle Hardesty (Delacourt Saga, #2)

Jade's Descent (Delacourt Saga, #2)Jade needs answers, both to questions about herself and a family she never knew she had. Not quite fitting into the worlds she is a part of, she is suspect to both the shapeshifters and the fairies, but when supernatural teens in New York City are being kidnapped, she is determined to find them and the monster who has taken them.

The clock is ticking, dark magic is poisoning her world and an evil nemesis is back. Friends are taken to the brink of death as the tension mounts and even Seven is hard-pressed to protect her from the accusations of his pack. Armed with her sense of honor, her fear for her friends and her dual abilities, Jade heads into the lion’s den.

Isabelle Hardesty’s JADE’S DESCENT is a magical journey into young adult fantasy filled with danger and the determination of one teen who takes the responsibilities of the supernatural world on her shoulders. The age-appropriate romance is warm and sweet and feels real, even in moments of high-angst and youthful insecurities. And the dialogue? It’s like being a fly on the wall, it sounds like teens talking!

A wonderful, quick addition to the Delacourt Saga that draws readers even more deeply into Jade’s world. Ms. Hardesty has created a heroine who understands fear, but forges ahead, anyway! Perfect summer reading for teens!

I received a complimentary copy from Isabelle Hardesty!

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