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Moonlight War - Act II by William Collins (The Realmers #3)

Moonlight War - Act II
by William Collins

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Realmers - Part II - Book 3
Publication Date: February 15, 2017
Publisher: William Collins
Genre: YA/Children's Science Fiction/Fantasy
Print Length: 550 pages
Available from: Amazon
Brooke has learned who engineered the war between werewolves and vampires in London, and if she and Arantay can’t stop it, not only will the city be destroyed, but everyone will know the Moonlight races exist. 

Jed has discovered why Venators are being kidnapped from Veneseron, but now he’s trapped inside the captor’s lair himself, perhaps never to return. 

Evan has set off on his own first mission, where he must travel through multiple bizarre worlds, attempting to stop a demonic cult. Unfortunately, two of Evan’s companions are two of his biggest rivals. His mission is thrown into further jeopardy when Evan learns he is being hunted by a force more powerful than anything he’s faced before.

Jed suffers a grisly injury. An enemy discovers Brooke’s biggest secret. Evan is marked by a wound magic can never heal, and not everyone survives. 

Due to Moonlight War growing so long, it was split into two acts. As such, this novel continues directly from where Act I finished

Moonlight War - Act II by William Collins (The Realmers #3)

Moonlight War - Act II (The Realmers #3)The war continues, neither side with any clear victories as our heroes are caught up in one perilous situation after another, not all coming from the dark Venators. The war between the vampires and the werewolves is running acid hot and Brooke may have uncovered who is responsible. At this point, it is ending the war that is paramount before all of London becomes a bloody battlefield of the paranormal.

Petty jealousies, deceit and secrets, who can be trusted and who cannot, no matter what side they stand on? As a crazed madman feverishly works on his own twisted magic, far from Earth on Veneseron, Venators go missing and become part of his twisted dreams to achieve the impossible.
Finally on his very first mission, Evan will find he is in over his head, so why was he chosen to go? Are his comrades truly his allies or is their agenda far darker, more sinister? He and Brooke fight to keep their secrets buried with potions, but what if they are discovered?

Heroes will die, be hurt and unnerved, even as the forces of evil also suffer losses. Before the final battle can be waged, the tentative truce among the races will be tested, knowing that united they stand a chance for victory, but divided they will surely fall and darkness will reign.

William Collins’s MOONLIGHT WAR – ACT II takes the baton from Act I and races ahead in a frenzied, chaotic sprint where anything is possible, concurrent events create a collage of action and the end of the war cannot be predicted with certainty.

Once again, William Collins relies on dialogue as much as detailed descriptions to flesh out his tale and give us front row seats to both events and the emotions of each of the huge cast of characters. Feel the turmoil, the tension and let it come alive through the players, as their dynamic relationships affect each scene. Start to finish, this is non-stop and clearly epic! Let go of reality and hang on tight!

I received a complimentary Copy from William Collins!

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