Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sanctuary by Caryn Lix

by Caryn Lix

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Simon Pulse (July 24, 2018)
Publication Date: July 24, 2018
Genre: Teen/YA Scifi
Print Length: 480 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Alien meets Alexandra Bracken’s The Darkest Minds in this thrilling debut novel about prison-guard-in-training, Kenzie, who is taken hostage by the superpowered criminal teens of the Sanctuary space station—only to have to band together with them when the station is attacked by mysterious creatures.

Kenzie holds one truth above all: the company is everything.

As a citizen of Omnistellar Concepts, the most powerful corporation in the solar system, Kenzie has trained her entire life for one goal: to become an elite guard on Sanctuary, Omnistellar’s space prison for superpowered teens too dangerous for Earth. As a junior guard, she’s excited to prove herself to her company—and that means sacrificing anything that won’t propel her forward.

But then a routine drill goes sideways and Kenzie is taken hostage by rioting prisoners.

At first, she’s confident her commanding officer—who also happens to be her mother—will stop at nothing to secure her freedom. Yet it soon becomes clear that her mother is more concerned with sticking to Omnistellar protocol than she is with getting Kenzie out safely.

As Kenzie forms her own plan to escape, she doesn’t realize there’s a more sinister threat looming, something ancient and evil that has clawed its way into Sanctuary from the vacuum of space. And Kenzie might have to team up with her captors to survive—all while beginning to suspect there’s a darker side to the Omnistellar she knows.

Sanctuary by Caryn Lix

SanctuaryLots of action and some young, insta-romance and an all-powerful corporation lording over the solar system. SANCTUARY by Caryn Lix deserves to stand on its own merit as fresh and not be compared to books that have gone before!

Kenzie believes the corporation is everything. She has spent her lifetime training for one goal, to become an Elite Guard on Sanctuary, a penal facility for super-powered teens. When a routine drill becomes a hostage situation for Kenzie, she will learn that blood may not be thicker than corporate loyalty, as she is left to fend for herself.

Has she been fooled by Omnistellar’s public face? Has the entire solar system? Kenzie will go against all she thought she knew in order to survive as an ancient evil permeates Sanctuary. The enemy of her enemy will become her unlikely allies as she must choose to stand with the prisoners in order to survive.

After a well-defined world is created, strap in and hang on tight for some fast-paced action and a chaotic bid for survival as Kenzie sees the truth behind the corporate Kool-Aid, discovers an unlikely romance at the worst time and fights evil in its most terrifying form.

Definitely a younger YA read! When the action starts, it is non-stop tension and movement, wonderful for holding a younger reader’s attention! More mature readers may clamber for more character depth or some more dirt on the corporation, but the target age is going to find this magnetic and I am all for grabbing readers while they are young!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Simon Pulse!

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