Saturday, June 2, 2018

Six by Jane Blythe (Count to Ten, #6)

by Jane Blythe

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Count to Ten - Book 6
Publisher: Bear Spots Publications (July 30, 2018)
Publication Date: July 30, 2018
Genre: Suspense | Thriller
Paperback: 320 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Can Detective Paige Hood survive her stalker's attempt to kill her?

Sometimes you have to do something even if it hurts someone you love. Annabelle Englewood just made the biggest decision of her life. She's moved out of the home she has shared with her boyfriend for the last five years. She's not sure she made the right choice but she felt like it was something she had to do. Her decision might wind up costing her more than just the man she loves, it might also take her freedom and her life. 

A woman disappears without a trace. Another four women vanish on the same night. The case takes a personal turn for Detective Xavier Montague when his estranged girlfriend, Annabelle, also goes missing. Is her disappearance related? Is someone else responsible? Or did she simply walk away from her life of her own volition?
Six by Jane Blythe (Count to Ten, #6)

Six (Count to Ten #6)We were left hanging on by our fingernails in FIVE. November 4- Jane Blythe is back with SIX and the chaos erupts from page one with each page following becoming like a landmine about to explode. Relationships crack, women will disappear, a baby is coming, too soon, too small and a stalker remains hidden in the shadows just waiting to pounce again. Memories will haunt some, and monsters long thought vanquished will return.

Through it all, will one close-knit group find it too much to bear at once? Xavier has questioned how strong his relationship with Annabelle can be if she doesn’t take the time to heal, to learn to stand on her own and vanquish her demons, but should she move out? Now Annabelle is missing. Did she leave on her own? Was she too fragile to face life on her own or has her greatest nightmare come back to finally break her completely, both physically and emotionally?

A stalker will make his move on Paige, again. Has he finally succeeded in killing her? Faith will awaken into another nightmare, bound and alone and drugged. What does her abductor want from her? The twists just keep on coming, as Jane Blythe turns the screws just a little bit more on the characters she seems bent on tormenting!

Ms. Blythe continues to amaze me with her ability to color layer after layer of anguish, anger and grief on her characters, yet never so much that it breaks the spirits of those who care, those who serve and protect. High intensity reading from start to finish, there is no time to breathe as she deftly changes up the atmosphere and pace for each event unfolding simultaneously. My head was spinning, my heart was racing and there were times I was so revolted by what just happened that my skin crawled. And yet, it all works, because Jane Blythe is a master storyteller, mixing a dash of darkness with a pinch of insanity, and enough evil intent to bind it all together. Simmer and serve with strong relationships and a little romance, devour while poised on the edge of your seat...
I’ve said it before, this would make a fabulous night time television series!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Jane Blythe!

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