Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Stars Bleed by Angus Nicneven (An Imperishable Phantasmagoria Book 1)

Stars Bleed
by Angus Nicneven

My rating: 2 stars

Series: An Imperishable Phantasmagoria Book 1
Publication Date: June 15, 2018
Publisher: Angus Ncneven
Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy
Print Length: 632 pages
Available from: Amazon
Nyrusys is a land of sweeping blights, bloodthirsty beasts, and unanswered prayers. Death is constant, and miseries are plentiful. The Truch kingdom endures the unending horrors of the North by picking through dead cities and plundering empty tombs. 

But these pilfered relics and hollowed temples impart a chilling lesson: all is destined for ruin. The gods are uncaring. And this delicate balance, by which all humanity depends, will be undone.

Yukysh, a former sellsword, and her spectral companion, Shugokrur, find themselves in the center of these inevitable, cataclysmic events as the gods mold Nyrusys for some unconceivable purpose. But as the world collapses around them, they learn truths that, even now, drag the world to its inevitable ruin.

Stars Bleed by Angus Nicneven
(An Imperishable Phantasmagoria Book 1) 

Stars BleedNothing is permanent, everything shall perish and the death and ruination of the world will be painful. Can long buried truths change the inevitable path of destruction humanity is on?
Very dark, very brooding, an epic fantasy begins as Angus Nicneven tells the tale, STARS BLEED. In the manner of most epic fantasy journeys, this is a weighty tome, not one to be rushed through and for me, too embellished to be savored.

The author has broken out all of his writing tools and hammered his tale with over descriptions, repetitive lines, and just to keep things earthy, contemporary vulgarity that jarred me from the atmosphere I felt was being conveyed.

There is the potential for a fabulous dark fantasy that could be epic in its scope, and an enjoyable read, perhaps if it were half as long and the author toned down the tsunami of over-decorating his tale.

This is just my opinion, I’m sure millions of fantasy readers will be held magnetically to each page, it was just far too word-weighty for me.

I received a complimentary copy from Angus Nicneven through Split An Atom.

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