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Stone by Shannyn Leah (Bad Boys of Willow Valley, #2)

by Shannyn Leah

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Bad Boys of Willow Valley - Book 2
Publication Date: June 8, 2018
Publisher: Shannyn Leah
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Number of Pages: 350
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Stone Patino was once a bad boy, but not since moving to Willow Valley. He left that bad boy life behind years ago. Left it in the underground fighting ring he used to call his home. Now, he lives in the country and works on cars. He prefers the simple life without someone trying to put their fist through his face on a weekly basis. There's just one thing about that life he misses.

Bowie Blake was once a bad girl too. But now she's a socialite turned reality TV star who turned her back ten years ago on the love of her life, Stone Patino. 

Full of regret and needing help, she seeks out Stone again. She drags Stone back into the ring to fight her battles and save her wheelchair-bound brother. Stone agrees, but must fight through his own demons and his love for Bowie. Both soon learn it's not easy to fight the same battles they'd already fought and lost so many years ago. But now it's a fight they both aim to win.
Stone by Shannyn Leah (Bad Boys of Willow Valley, #2)

Stone (Bad Boys of Willow Valley #2)Stone earned the label “Bad Boy” with his fists in the underground fight club, but that was a decade ago, before he was betrayed and almost died. Now he lives in Willow Valley, loving the contentment and peace of real friends in a world above the rat hole of blood and pain for entertainment.

Bowie was his girl, his everything until she turned her back on him when he needed her most. Now she has come back into his life, the beautiful dark angel he has never gotten over. The woman who once used the law to keep him away now is begging him to help her, to step into the ring one more time, to fight the very monster who nearly killed for the monster who paid to see it done.

Can Stone risk his heart and his body for the woman he thought he knew, the woman who will always own his heart? Can he trust the wealthy socialite who is used to getting what she wants because of her fame and money? Does Bowie have the right to ask? Is it a trap?

STONE by Shannyn Leah is a story of love, hate, pain, loss and a chance for redemption and healing. It’s a story of taking a chance, of learning to trust, of forgiving and for some, owning what they have made of their lives taking responsibility.

Shannyn Leah has created a tarnished knight in boxing gloves with Stone, and trust me, he will leave you swooning, even as you want to ask him, “Are you crazy?” Bowie doesn’t start out earning my sympathies, she was the ultimate betrayer of Stone’s heart but as their saga unfolds, we learn she may also be a victim caught between two different kinds of love, a misguided woman drowning in the cesspool she helped enable.

There is passion, an inferno of love and hate and histories that have been skewed by emotional turmoil. Did I mention the heartless villain, the pampered pawn, the irascible clown or the amazing friends? Yep, they are all there and they make this love story come alive!

I received a complimentary edition from Shannyn Leah!

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