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The Divide by Erica Stevens (The Survivor Chronicles #2)

The Divide
by Erica Stevens

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Survivor Chronicles - Book 2
Publication Date: October 31, 2013
Publisher: Erica Stevens
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Print Length: 370 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
In less than a day everything they've ever known has vanished and the world is in chaos. Uncertain where to turn and who to trust in this strange new world, they must band together in an attempt to survive. However, they slowly begin to realize it’s not only the crumbling earth, and treacherous people around them that are a threat, but also something unseen and even more lethal.

*Note* This book is the second compilation of a serial story. It does not have an ending. 

The Divide by Erica Stevens (The Survivor Chronicles #2)

The Divide (The Survivor Chronicles, #2)It happened in the blink of an eye, chaos, destruction, death and the world humanity took for granted was gone. It is now survival of the fittest or the luckiest. The second book of Erica Stevens’s apocalyptic serial series, The Survivor Chronicles, THE DIVIDE is a true test of humanity’s resilience or it’s downfall and no one knows why it happened, what caused the devastation, or who can be trusted. No one knows who will survive or how. No one knows where the zombies came from.

One group, divided will make a vow to survive, to meet again and to reunite. Their separate journeys will be fraught with danger, some won’t make it and others will have to kill to survive. Heroes will be born as the horrors of what is left of the world threaten them every step of the way.
As hard decisions must be made to reach their intended rendezvous point, no one will remain unchanged, but through it all, they held on to a tenuous thread of hope.

Can you imagine NOT KNOWING what happened? Yet these strangers will become unlikely allies in a world gone mad, because maybe at this point, WHAT happened isn’t as important as living to help create a new tomorrow out of the ashes of the present.

Lots of gore, lots of realistic human reactions and the addition of zombie-like creatures changes the tone from book one when it seemed that the event was more the earth’s revolt against humanity’s desecration of its resources. Now, once again, we are left in the dark, as we live each grueling minute with the divided group of survivors.

I was completely caught up in the terror as well as the amazing camaraderie that formed, because it felt real, like true connections. Erica Stevens has taken each page and turned them into what so many of us could imagine as reality. Emotions run high, desperation creates a volatile world and these characters are hard-pressed to maintain honor and a sense of dignity for those who have fallen around them, including the zombie-like creatures who were once living humans.

Fabulous reading from start to finish that will leave readers wondering, what would I do, what could I do to survive?

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