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The Gilded King (Sovereign #1) by Josie Jaffrey

The Gilded King
by Josie Jaffrey

My rating: 5 stars
Series: Sovereign - Book 1
Publication Date: June 25, 2018
Publisher: Josie Jaffrey
Genre: Paranormal Dystopian
Available from: Amazon

In the Blue, the world’s last city, all is not well.

Julia is stuck within its walls. She serves the nobility from a distance until she meets Lucas, a boy who believes in fairytales that Julia’s world can’t accommodate. The Blue is her prison, not her castle, and she’d escape into the trees if she didn’t know that contamination and death awaited humanity outside.

But not everyone in the Blue is human, and not everyone can be contained.

Beyond the city’s boundaries, in the wild forests of the Red, Cameron has precious little humanity left to lose. As he searches for a lost queen, he finds an enemy rising that he thought long dead. An enemy that the humans have forgotten how to fight.

One way or another, the walls of the Blue are coming down. The only question is what side you’ll be on when they do. 

The Gilded King (Sovereign #1) by Josie Jaffrey

The Gilded King (Sovereign, #1)And they thought it couldn’t be done, but Josie Jaffrey proves the paranormal world wrong, again!
THE GILDED KING is a rock solid base for a new series and a simply amazing read from start to finish! Anyone on the fence about wanting to try another “vampire” tale, I say, DO IT! Dystopian, paranormal, dark and unpredictable!

Ms. Jaffrey deftly melds two stories into one through threads of brilliance without sacrificing either as she tells of two “worlds,” the Blue, filled with humans in what is the world’s last city and the Red, a wasteland filled with unknown danger and presumably, certain death.

In a world where the Solis Invicti are the ruling nobility, offering their “protection” and taking human attendants for blood, Julia has remained in the background until the day she is called forward to serve Lucas. But Lucas is different, a gentle soul and an unlikely bond forms that goes against all Julia has ever known.

In the Red, Cameron desperately searches for a lost queen, a lost friend, but what he finds on his journey, is an abomination to be feared by all. As a Silver, he may be stronger than the monsters he finds, but the Weepers’ numbers are growing and their thirst will only be quenched by human blood, the human blood of the Blue and there may be only one way to stop them, a way that is as deadly as the disease they carry and it may smell Green. But first Cam must survive the threat of a powerful traitor who wants him dead.

Follow the myths of servitude, the hopes of mere humans to gain favor with their masters and become immortal and the often raw and brutal realities of power and control. Is “living” in the Blue as captive slaves worse than escaping to the Red, freedom and certain death?

Told in the POVs of Julia and Cameron, two extremely strong and memorable characters, feel both of their emotions, their doubts and their insecurities, as well as their fears. Then feel the power of budding loves they both find, each with a being not of their kind.

Be part of their stories coming together in a high tension, razor-taut crescendo as the Red bleeds into the Blue, humanity has nowhere to turn, and the Silvers are ill-prepared to defend against the onslaught. Lies will be uncovered, a queen found, and an even greater battle is coming…In the heat of battle, a new age is coming…

Absolutely LOVED this fabulous read from Josie Jaffrey! LOVED. IT. Add this one to your MUST READ list!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Josie Jaffrey!

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