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A Way Home by Coushatta LaRue (The Noble, #1)

A Way Home
by Coushatta LaRue

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Series: The Noble - Book 1
Publication Date: July 1, 2018
Publisher: Coushatta LaRue
Genre: Sci-fi | Action & Adventure
Paperback: 354 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Alice's world is dying. In an attempt to save it she must enter mysterious worlds. Worlds where she hopes to find answers or a new home. Protecting her family is all she dreams of, but doubt and fear grow in her heart with each new, rotting world. 

Is there ever an end to the chaos? Will the secrets of a lost past bring clarity or only more pain? Will Alice ever find a new home and safety for those she loves, or will she fade away with the rest? 
A Way Home by Coushatta LaRue (The Noble, #1)

A Way Home (The Noble Book 1)It started one day at work, when monsters rampaged through the mall, killing everyone in sight. Somehow, Alice was spared.

Fast forward to Alice, now a trained warrior fighting to save her dying world by entering into other worlds, in search of food, medicines and perhaps a world where humanity could survive.

Welcome to Coushatta LaRue’s dark fantasy/science fiction tale, A WAY HOME as one young woman becomes part of a trained team that enters through doors that suddenly appear in search of safety in any world that is not the one she is part of. What her team finds behind doors range from paradise-like realms that parallel hers. Only one world really terrifies her, it is a world where she feels watched by evil, a world where a dark figure looms just out of reach.

Something is not quite right and when Alice discovers what is truly going on, she will sacrifice everything to keep those she loves safe. But who can she trust? Can she trust the innocent newcomer to her group or the cocky veteran with whom she shares a love-hate relationship? Why is Alice’s past so murky?

Coushatta LaRue has taken the other world theme and used doors instead of portals or scientific gadgets, which is actually rather clever and easy to imagine. Door after door got a little bit much, but wondering where the doors came from was something that kept me going. (And yes, readers will find out!)

All told a good twist on end times, other worlds, but an awful lot of racing through doors and hallways without resolution or great action once the characters get through those doors. Lots of darkness in the shadows, and some surprising bad guys are finally unveiled along with some hidden truths!

I received a complimentary copy from Coushatta LaRue!

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