Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Always Been You by Sadie Allen (Cedar Lake, #1)

Always Been You
by Sadie Allen

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Cedar Lake - Book 1
Expected Publication Date: July 19, 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Emma Taylor ran away from home in a cloud of dust, taking the pieces of her broken heart with her. Fifteen years later, she is back to care for her grieving father and to face the boy who once broke her heart. 

Brazos Huntswell was dealt a bad hand. Life hasn't turned out the way he envisioned it in high school. He's a single father to a moody teenage girl and trying to make a go of the cattle ranch his father left him.

Trouble is brewing in the town of Cedar Lake, and people are turning up dead. Will Braz and Emma be able to weather the coming storm and take a chance on forever? Or will a ghost from the past destroy that chance... permanently.
Always Been You by Sadie Allen (Cedar Lake, #1)

Always Been You (Cedar Lake, #1)Chili pepper heat is blazing as two high school “friends” are reunited when Emma Taylor comes back home fifteen years after her greatest humiliation and heartbreak at the hands of Brazos Huntswell.

Emma is now a teacher and has come home to be with her father, who is caught up in the soul-deep grief of losing his wife and best friend. She didn’t realize that one of the students at her school was actually Brazos’ troubled teen daughter, a girl with secrets of her own.

Divorced, the single father is in way over his head with his headstrong teen daughter, her newfound sexually provocative dress style and the unknown danger that lurks in the shadows. Will Emma be a help or a hindrance to his parental problems?

ALWAYS BEEN YOU by Sadie Allen is intense, the budding romance between Emma and Braz is pure, raw and primal. A young teen being played for a pawn is heartbreaking. Clearly, Braz is not prepared for those teen years, for the raging hormones he once had as a teen, as he goes all caveman about anyone looking at his daughter as a sexual being. Meanwhile, he is also going all caveman on Emma at times when I couldn’t imagine. To be honest, I did have a problem with his double standards.

Kind of like a sandwich cookie, this tale has two main plots with the sweet spot in between meant to hold them together, and Sadie Allen has done a great job with both sides of the cookie, just wasn’t crazy about how they fit together. It sure isn’t Sadie’s talent, I love her writing, this one is all on me and my overly starched shorts, or something! Sooooo 5 Stars on the romance - 3 stars on the parenting by do what I say, not what I do.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Sadie Allen!

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