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Bomber Boy by Ike Pius

Bomber Boy
by Ike Pius

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: April 24, 2013
Publisher: Ike Pius
Genre: Short | Terrorism | Islam
Print Length: 41 pages
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300 passengers. One plane. One bomb. One switch. One Omar Farouk to set it all aflame!

Welcome to the fast moving world of advanced terrorism where Jihadists in Oman or Afghanistan can blow up buses, trains, and planes in New York, Madrid, or London-without even going there.

This is not the world of the future; it is our world as it is! 

A world unpredictable, unforgiving, and deadly!
Bomber Boy by Ike Pius

Bomber BoyFarouk Omar Muttab was many things, an enlisted terrorist, a failed suicide bomber, a pawn in a game where cowards offer great rewards in this world and the next, but at his essence he is a human being. And. He. Has. Been. Used. Jihadists used him and after the bomb failed to go off on flight 253, the U.S. government used him.

Ike Pius has given us a brief look at the human side of terrorism in his far too brief, but extremely effective BOMBER BOY, the story of one simple man who loved his family and drank the Kool-Aid that indoctrinated his world against the Western, non-Muslim world.

We are allowed into Farouk’s mind and heart, we feel his uncertainty, we know his real reasons for what he is doing and we know why he went to the U.S. government when his mission failed. By virtue of the less than “respectful” or “powerful” title, I got the impression that no one cared about Farouk because no one saw him as human?

Ike Pius took the labels “terrorist” and “suicide bomber” and made them human, and in my book, he did a remarkable and eye-opening job! Highly recommended, but as I said far too short, but that said, perhaps the impact would have been lessened? Was Farouk a monster or a victim?

I received a complimentary copy from Ike Pius!

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