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Deadly Princes by Tabitha Barret (Queen of the Mist, #1)

Deadly Princes
by Tabitha Barret

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Queen of the Mist - Book 1
Publication Date: June 30, 2018
Publisher: Tabitha Barret
Genre: Fantasy Reverse Harem
Print Length: 237 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
One Discerning Princess. Three Ambitious Princes. Four Kingdoms Fighting for their Survival. 

Upon the death of her father, Princess Yasmine learns that she must marry a prince before she can rightfully claim her father's throne and become Queen of the Mountain Mist. She willfully rejects the idea and wishes to rule the throne by herself. Her advisors, who believe she is not capable of ruling alone, decide that a competition of strength will determine who sits upon their throne. A prince from each of the three surrounding kingdoms is invited to compete for the crown and the hand of Princess Yasmine. The princess, however, will test the princes in her own way to determine their worth.

The death of Yasmine's father, King Grigor, couldn’t have come at a worse time because the kingdoms are under attack by Senki Demoni, shadow demons who kill without warning or cause. If the four kingdoms can't find a way to work past their differences and unite to destroy the Senki once and for all, each of them risk losing everything.

Yasmine must decide who, if any, can win her heart, the seafarer, the archer, or the sorcerer. Can one of the three handsome princes prove themselves worthy of the defiant princess, who doesn't believe she needs a king by her side to rule her people? Together, can they solve the mystery behind the Senki attacks and save their kingdoms?
Deadly Princes by Tabitha Barret (Queen of the Mist, #1)

Deadly Princes (Queen of the Mist Book 1)Never underestimate the power of a driven woman.

Princess Yasmine is to be the “prize” in a competition for her hand and her kingdom. It’s the only way she will inherit her rightful title of “Queen” upon her father’s death. But will three Princes all with designs on the power and might they could possess find they desire the feisty princess just as much?

Determined not to be a simpering and shy bride, Yasmine will bring three princes to their knees as she uses every tool she has in her arsenal, including her sharp mind, beautiful body and prowess as a warrior, but she never expected them NOT to be the arrogant, shallow, or aloof men they portrayed.

Tabitha Barret’s DEADLY PRINCES is better than a fairytale fantasy, more exciting than the machinations of kings greedy for land, power and control, and more deadly than the vile attacks of the demonic Senki Demoni. The romance is in the relationships that grow between each of the princes and Yasmine. Yes, this IS a reverse harem tale. No, this ISN’T an erotic, royal puppy pile of lust. This is a fabulous tale of grit, trust and the determination of one young woman to prove her worth to herself, the princes, and especially her realm.

Wonderful storytelling, fabulous characters and evil that is murderous! Loved it, start to finish, because who couldn’t fall for a hard-headed woman? Keep your eye on this series, Tabitha Barret has another winner here!

I received a complimentary copy from Tabitha Barret!

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