Friday, July 13, 2018

Filled Potential by Lainey Davis (The Stag Brothers, #2)

Filled Potential
by Lainey Davis

My Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Series: Stag Brothers - Book 2
Publisher: Lainey Davis
Publication Date: July 4, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 220 pages
Available from: Amazon
He's her client. She's his lawyer. Nothing can happen between them. already did. 

Ty Stag is looking for redemption. A pro hockey player with a hot temper, he is a new addition to the Pittsburgh Fury thanks to his brother's connections. Ty hits the clubs to celebrate his success and finds an irresistible woman looking for one night of wild passion. No names. Just heat. 

Juniper Jones needs a fresh start. She left behind her cheating boyfriend and wants to cut loose and forget about her problems. She finds just the right man to take her breath away. 

When she shows up at work on Monday, eager to meet her new client...the boss's brother...she's breathless for a different reason. Her new client and the man from the nightclub are one and the same. 

Can Juniper maintain her professional composure while Ty is in the room? Or will their sparks melt the ice and get Juniper disbarred? Filled Potential is a stand-alone contemporary romance with scorching heat and a guaranteed HEA.
Filled Potential by Lainey Davis (The Stag Brothers, #2)

Filled Potential (Stag Brothers, #2)It was a new start, a new life in a new town and Juniper Jones decides to take a walk on the wild side with the hottest guy in the bar. It was a perfect farewell to her old life, but little did she know the anonymous guy she did the deed with would become her first and probably most important client at the new law firm.

Ty Stag, pro hockey player, is a media bad boy with a hot temper that got him in big trouble. Then again, if this new town had more women like the one he met at the bar, this could work out okay. Little did he know, his new attorney, the one who is supposed to be sure he toes the line is none other than ‘that woman” from the night before!

The sparks will fly as these two play keep away (from each other), because not only could Ty lose his last chance for a Stanley Cup win, Juniper would definitely get disbarred.

FILLED POTENTIAL by Lainey Davis brings fun and heat to the contemporary romance genre as one strong and independent lady melts in the presence of a hockey bad boy who really has a heart of gold. We spend some time inside each of their heads, and to call Juniper’s thought process chaotic, would be an understatement! Ty has a side to him that must have been kept out of his public life, he really is a good guy, in spite of his supposedly legendary sex life and explosive temper.

Lainey Davis brings us a light read, which goes beyond skimming the surface, but not so deep that it gets over-thought-out. Book 2 of a series, this standalone can be read without book 1, but I’m going to guess it shouldn’t be missed! A sweet and spicy romance with a touch of humor, perfect for a summertime read.

I received a complimentary copy from Lainey Davis!

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