Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Rotham Race by Jordan Elizabeth

Rotham Race
by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

My rating: 4 stars
Expected publication: July 14th 2018 by Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly

The United States is gone; in its place is a broken country struggling to survive. A lost microchip can turn the US back into the superpower it once was. Every year, racers head out into the desert to find the microchip, but they never return. 

This year, Troy is going to change all that. He plans to win the Rotham Race.

Finding the microchip, though, might not be all the citizens think. Government secrets surround the race, and the one to win doesn’t receive just fame and glory. He or she gets death.
 Rotham Race by Jordan Elizabeth

Rotham RaceIs it possible that a single microchip can save what remains of the once proud United States? Every year, racers head out into the unknown, in search of riches and fame, to find the microchip, but every year, it remains lost and no one ever returns.

This year, a young man who grew up with nothing is determined to win the Rotham Race, change his life and the lives of those around him and save humanity. What makes Troy different than those who went before him? Is it because he has nothing to lose and everything to gain?

When Troy met Barbie, he found someone to come back to, but Barbie knows something about the race that she hasn’t shared with Troy…and it could change both of their futures.

ROTHAM RACE by Jordan Elizabeth is a quick read that could easily blossom into a much longer dystopian tale. There is a gentle nudge to new love, government machinations and a huge secret that lay just beyond humanity’s grasp. Populated with two main characters who seem very innocent, this read is a fast escape that isn’t weighted down with the darkness of so many dystopian tales, but it DOES have that treasured twist at the end!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Jordan Elizabeth!

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