Monday, July 2, 2018

The Crazy Rich Davenports: Dare to Enter (Season One, Pilot) by Shannyn Leah & Kelly Moore

The Crazy Rich Davenports
Dare to Enter
by Shannyn Leah

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Dare to Enter - Season One-Pilot

Warning: If you are looking for a sweet, sensitive book with a happily ever after, this isn’t it. It is a totally inappropriate book about a completely dysfunctional family. The F word flies free along with many other curse words. Feel free to get drunk (because the Davenports sure are!) while you’re reading it, and prepare to wet yourself laughing. If sex scenes are not your thing, this book might not be your thing. But, if you have a crazy sense of humor and like raunchy comedies - you’re in the right place. Join in on the craziness of The Crazy Rich Davenport Family. 

Lucy’s husband Mark, died a year ago. Her life and her families has been steadily going downhill and things have gotten a little out of control, to say the least. When her daughter plans a birthday party for her half-sister. Lucy decides it’s time they all get their act together, but not everyone is on the same page.

There will be dildos and strawberries flying in the air, along with firecrackers, curse words, and little blue pills being slipped into drinks - hard-ons for everyone! Lucy’s hope for normal in her dysfunctional family will never happen and things only get worse when Mark’s snooty parents drop a bombshell that will only spark more insanity from The Crazy Rich Davenport family.

Hold on for the ride and laughter that ensues.

The Crazy Rich Davenports: Dare to Enter (Season One, Pilot)

by Shannyn Leah & Kelly Moore

The Crazy Rich Davenports: Dare to Enter (Season One, Pilot)The warning was right! The Davenports ARE a completely dysfunctional, irreverent family where limits and boundaries are non-existent, unless you mess with one of theirs.

THE CRAZY RICH DAVENPORTS, an insane off-color comedy from the zany sides of authors Shannyn Leah and Kelly Moore. I’m pretty sure these two talented authors dared each other to race on the wild side!

Multiple personalities, over-active libidos, and grandparents that defy any preconceived notions of elderly couples in rocking chairs. Most definitely NOT for those who blush easily, or are sensitive to raunchy humor, because there is something for everyone to feel a little uncomfortable with.

Open the book, open your mind and expect the unexpected in an over-the-top, completely whacked out comedy that proves money does NOT buy happiness, nor is it the root of all evil…and be glad the Davenports are not your neighbors. A small dose of this family is more than enough to last quite a while!

I received a complimentary copy from Shannyn Leah!

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