Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Last Offender by Noah Nichols

The Last Offender
by Noah Nichols

My rating: 3 stars

Publisher: Self-Pub Shackles (May 23, 2018)
Publication Date: May 23, 2018
Genre: Dystopian | Science Fiction
Print Length: 263 pages
Available from: Amazon
When a massive blast occurs just outside the prison walls where thirty-nine-year old convict Johnny Helks has resided for years, he is perplexed to discover that he's the only one left in the entire penitentiary. But what's even more perplexing is the fact that his cell door is unlocked. No longer behind bars, things take a turn for the worse as several nerve-wracking noises beckon him into the realm of an extremely nightmarish scenario...

In close proximity to the newly freed prisoner’s location, six teenage girls awake inside a bus—all strapped to seats. One girl, Lizzie Janis, has a rather devastating connection to Johnny’s checkered past. As quickly as the bickering begins, it ends when the confined girls unexpectedly experience the presence of a monstrous unknown ramming into their shuttered-off school bus from the outer perimeters.

And after a strange run-in with an attacker while searching through his empty penitentiary, the mentally disturbed prisoner eventually makes his way outdoors only to see a burning landscape. He then hears distant screams and a bevy of gunshots, which leads Johnny to a bloody scene and the trapped teens; finding a notebook with splayed pages that says, “BOARD THE BUS TO BE THEIR HERO. OR ELSE…”

But once Johnny boards the bullet-ridden bus and meets the aghast girls, it becomes clear that massive revelations and repercussions are soon to be in store for all involved.
The Last Offender by Noah Nichols

The Last OffenderWhat? Utter chaos ensues when convict Johnny Helks finds himself the sole living occupant of the penitentiary he calls home. One minute all was quiet, the next, a massive explosion has freed him to a world that has been devastated. Finding six teenaged girls trapped on a bus, he has a chance to be a hero, but is that really who Johnny is? What is going on? What happened? What will happen next? And seriously, why did Johnny survive?

If this chaotic tale doesn’t wear you out just trying to keep up, if it doesn’t send your senses reeling, the ending will knock you off your feet as Noah Nichols tells a twisted tale of THE LAST OFFENDER.

There is no way to NOT feel the atmosphere of this tale as Mr. Nichols rips us from one scene to the next, sensibilities be damned. Raw and edgy, this story reads like the jagged edges of a broken bottle, sometimes sharp and cutting, sometimes just shards of crumbled glass.

Certainly not for everyone, it IS intense with a rapid-fire pace, down and dirty scenes and dialogue that may require some thought to process. Kudos to the author for that big twist at the end…or was it actually an ending?? My brain feels like it went through a kaleidoscope of chaos...during a hurricane.

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