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The Last Weekend of the Summer by Peter Murphy

The Last Weekend of the Summer
by Peter Murphy

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Fiction Studio Books (August 28, 2018)
Publication Date: August 28, 2018
Genre: Family Saga | Fiction | Relationships
Print Length: 224 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

A deeply moving novel of family, secrets, and legacies.

They have been coming to their grandmother Gloria's lake cottage since they were babies. Now Johnnie and Buddy have families of their own and C.C. has a life full of adult drama and adventure. And this trip – the only stated purpose of which is to bring the family together for the last weekend of the summer – seems full of portent. Gloria has been hinting that there's more on the agenda than grilling and swimming, and when the three siblings learn that their estranged father will also be in attendance, it becomes clear that this weekend will have implications that last far beyond the final days of the season.

A touching, incisive view into the dynamics of a family on the verge of change and filled with characters both distinctive and utterly relatable, THE LAST WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER is a rich, lyrical reading experience that will resonate in your heart.

The Last Weekend of the Summer by Peter Murphy

So, you thought your family was a little dysfunctional? The larger it gets, the more diverse personalities come in to play and there is always one driving force who strives to keep the bonds of family alive. What if one member is no longer part of the “family?” Every family has a black sheep or two, and they are just part of the dynamics, until they are seen as an outcast, blood or no.

THE LAST WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER by Peter Murphy is a revealing tale of one family brought together in the hopes of healing old wounds before it is too late to ever do so. A loving and slightly quirky matriarch has a secret to share, and wishes her family to come together for one last summer weekend at her lakeside home. Is Gloria dying? Is she finally unable to live on her own?

Emotional and relatable, readers will find at least one character they recognize from their own families! Witness the dynamics, the shortfalls, the personality clashes, and the role each member plays, regardless of the generation they belong to. Then be part of the secret that is revealed, feel the torment, the turmoil, the anger and the love as one family finds growth, change and renewal through healing and reaching out to one another.

Thought provoking, sometimes humorous, sometimes agitating, this is a true slice of life being part of a family of flawed humans.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from the Story Plant!

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